Tuesday, 10 March 2015

On why peace is necessary.

Being an author is not an easy job. You have to sit in front of your computer and type tirelessly until you switch fingers of both the hands. Index finger switches with the middle or goes vice versa. I have done it for several times. Other sporty thing that come along with it is - Peace. While writing, peace or quietness of time is the basic necessity to complete the task.

But sometimes the same quietness strangles you with its strong hands of stillness. If I don't look at the clock, I won't be able to figure out how much time my writing has consumed. Time seems to stop. It seems to lay somewhere on a recliner forgetting me altogether. It is irritating sometimes. Not that I need advice on something concerned my plot/story line but just to avoid the monotonic routine. On some occasions, few words spoken by alive characters seem to sound sweeter than my own fictitious characters'.

The same happened with me today. To kill the silence, I went on my terrace with a book to read there. It was around 5 in the evening. Sun rays still donned some specific areas and breeze orchestrated perfectly with their warmth. Over all, it was really nice weather to be in. I sat on a big stone and started reading the book. The book was interesting and I was easily divulged into the story. After few pages, I simply closed the book and looked at the horizon. The whole ambiance was quiet. There was no other neighbor to talk to and I didn't regret it either. I sat with pursed lips and then realized, peace is so much necessary. Peace is so much required to have a calm, beautiful and meaningful life.

I gradually dived deep into my own sea of thoughts. I analyzed my husband's routine. He frequently complains to get the kind of peace that I can easily avail. He has to deal with many people in the middle of chaos of office life style. Then I remembered my office days. Once, I was an employee in a NGO in Bangalore. I recounted if not whole then some of those days like how I had to rush every morning, how I had to handle pressure and how I craved for some free time. My working days were 6 in a week which left Sundays as free days only. It was a really good job but work spaces often leave you tempting for some stillness of time where nothing could bother you.

This mulling over lasted for few minutes and then I realized I am actually blessed to have so much of mute space around me. I can either stay connected to the world or disconnect myself altogether. It is all up to my wish! In such time travel, I can think over anything and everything pragmatically/emotionally. Not many people around me are blessed with such luxury.

Now I don't have any qualms reserved. I do not have any single complaints on why there is no one to talk to or I am feeling bored to death. I have just learnt today that Peace is so much important and if I have this, I can lead a wonderful life.

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