Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Get the maximum out of your writing hour.

If you share writing as one of your passions then you are welcome to walk beside me under the light of creativity along with the melodious tune of typing. Writing is cathartic! Writing has medicinal effects! At least I experience it often when I am down by health and there is nothing that can entice me but my writing, books and music.

Sometimes when I sit to write (either professionally or personally), there come along some glitches that are hard to fix. I am talking about disturbances or you can say, distractions in an easier and more comprehensible tone. Such issues bug me to death. When I am working on some important scene, I seriously go into my writer cocoon and curse the person who tries to crack my shell. So to bring my problems to resolution, I do few things that help me to concentrate on a higher level that culminates into squeezing maximum out of my writing hours. I am going to share some of them here and sincerely hope you to keep walking beside me till the end of this post.

Select a peaceful ambiance - When I started writing this post, I got my family talking around me over something, however, I tried to write. Leaving all of sudden looked rude to me but at the end, I had to resort at escaping from the spot. Now that I sit in a secluded room with the fancy peace surrounding me, I feel happy. Ideas and thoughts silently budge when you have no one to distract you from the subject. So find a peaceful ambiance to get the maximum result out of your writing hour.

Allow a little distraction -  You might think I am talking about keeping distractions at bay and now I am saying contradictory. No. I am very well sane while saying this. You must have experience this point many a times. It happens that you try to remember a movie name but it's slipping out of memory. It is a very popular name and you keep trying to remember only to fail at the end and just when you indulge yourself into doing something else, instantly that movie name, which you were trying to memorize so hard earlier, catches you and you jump at your place. My idea works the same way.

Allow yourself a bit of digression like checking on messages or strolling. Sometimes it is truly hard to concentrate or may be it is the scene that is refusing to get done. I get irritated. I get annoyed. Exactly at that time, I allow my attention to divert. I check on my facebook messages, mails or listen some music. And by the time I am back at my stubborn plot, I feel a little rejuvenated. It gets easier for me to settle. It works for me because I allow the distraction for mere five or ten minutes.

Avoid munching -  Because eating can get your hands busy! And also your mind focuses more on the taste or whether you would like more! Sipping on your favorite beverages is fine (like tea or coffee) but eating, in my case, pulls few ticks unnecessarily away. It irks me a little. So I try not to eat anything while I am writing but if I have to, I stop writing then. I proceed to satisfy my taste buds and then I come back to work. Work requires the full attention from your side, you see.

Read yourself on different device - Just few months back I discovered this tip as a wonderful unbiased way to analyze myself at writing. As an author, I always keep wondering how my writing looks to others. It looks great to me but I can not stop myself wishing What if I could see through others' eyes. On one fine day, I transferred one of my stories from my laptop to the tablet and then I started reading it. I was astonished to see that my wish was fulfilled. I actually could read my words through a different mind set. It was strange and equally wonderful! And to add more to my surprise element, I learnt about the soaring points and pitfalls about myself. I was so glad.

It helped me to evolve in to a better writer. Now I know what I need to add and what things should I slice away from my writing. It brings me closer to the best of me by writing more effectively.

Take a catnap -  Excitement and boredom, both plays equally on the canvas. They have this camaraderie between themselves. They come in turns. When I am full of energy, I just keep on writing but the moment it shifts down by some layers, comes the annoying boredom. Then I start feeling dozy and strongly tempt to have a nap. Not that I always allow myself to do it but sometimes...yes. It is required to give yourself a power nap. Just a ten or fifteen minutes of shut eye can get yourself back into tracks. So go on! Have a catnap sometimes.

Change of place - Usually my favorite place to sit and write is my dining table (I am still searching for the study table perfectly suitable to my taste. Guess I have to design it on my own). I sit there and write. I am vigilant and alert this way. But to shoo away the sighing monotony of the routine, sometimes I tend to change my place. Sometimes it's my big bed, the cute sofa or sometimes it is my lovely balcony.

Change of place gives you a new active sense of belonging to the place. It fills you with different sort of energy that helps you get better at work. Change of place always work when life starts running on a single track. A little diversion and everything is all set to go.

Hope above points have helped you. If you too have something to share that helps you spin into a better writer, please do share. Who knows I end up taking up that one too! After all, we both want the best of our every writing hour. Don't we?

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