Friday, 13 March 2015

Be there for someone.

Before I begin, please watch the below video so that you can totally relate yourself with what I want to say.

Just watching this video made my heart go through numerous of emotions. The short film clearly shows the impeccable loving bonding between the husband and wife. As heart wrenching as the wife's disease is, endless is the husband's love. Imagine this. At one moment you can see all the colors but all of a sudden, you come to know that one, just one color is going to don your life forever - Black. The darkness hidden with this color is so frightening. I know because sometimes I have closed my eyes and tried to make an exit out of my own room where I know the exact whereabouts of everything. I have done this probably after watching videos made for blind people. I have done this so that I can try to understand, within the perimeter of my limits, the difficulties stitched with blind people's lives.

Managing even two steps had become horrible to me. The sudden blackness is so frightening that I had to shot open my eyes just to ensure my safety. I did this may be for a couple of times but this number is enough for me to get the idea how difficult life is when you have eyes but no eye sight to utilize them. I can easily relate myself with the wife's fright of losing eye sight in the video. Her pain hits somewhere deep. But more than that, the love of her husband touches you in million more ways. He does whatever he can in his boundaries to keep his wife all safe and sound. I love that part when he starts to speak. Where the wife is afraid of becoming his patient and thinks he should get along with someone else, there he balances their lives very maturely without tiptoeing the sound of his support.

Isn't it beautiful to be there for someone? To be at the edge where a person is about to trip over? To hold his hands and never let him go with the promise of love? No. It is not beautiful. In fact, it is beyond the beauty of expression. When someone is frustrated and clings to the loneliness that has mushroomed around all of a sudden, precisely in those moments he needs someone; someone who can hold his hand and show the right path. A path where nothing travels but light. Because darkness can be so engulfing sometimes! And light is soft...and gentle. It liberates one from the endless spikes of morbid lies of life.

Therefore, I gently urge you to watch this video with someone you deeply love for you never know where you are needed and you might just miss that.

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