Monday, 9 March 2015

5 ways for a 'Happy Me Today'

This morning started with a beautiful sun shine. Trees vacillated happily and the sky sprawled with peace. People got occupied back with their normal routine. So was I! I ditched my mornin' jog. Yesterday we had a blast celebrating Holi in our campus. It was fun and blissfully tiring. Body needed rest and I simply furnished its demand. Sleep is the best exercise at rest.

But somehow I found myself stressed. Head felt heavy and heart seemed to be distracted. So to bring both of them on their usual track, I decided to do 5 things today that could make me happy. A true happiness was on call and here are the things that I have been doing since this morning. It helped if I were to tell you.

Smiling - You are not always supposed to stretch your lips sideways or show your teeth in order to come up with a smile. There is another way to do it. If you can manage to bring your head at peace somehow, your body smiles in return. I did the same thing. I concentrated more on positive things and viola! I smiled my own way. I also gave myself completely to the task in hand in order to relax myself. If I watched TV, I concentrated totally on what it was showing to me. A funny scene came along. Then I watched an episode by epic series, Friends. It was fun to watch. It was fun to laugh.

Hair cut - In a Bollywood flick Turning 30 (starring Gul Panaag), Panaag has mentioned how a new hair cut can boost up the way you look at yourself in stronger means. Not that I followed her but it happened the other way round actually. I sure got a new hair cut today but it was only after I got back at home that the movie scene hit me. And it is so true! A new hair cut has certainly given me a high boost of energy and a part of me has gotten rejuvenated. I am glad I treated my hair in a beautiful way today.

Walk - Although I had missed my mornin' jog yet I did my evening hour long walk. Walking puts me at ease. Walking energizes me and it also emanates me at a different but higher level. Evening breeze and my steps trying to give its pace a challenge is fun for me. I seriously and sincerely enjoy my evening walks and love to have it come what may.

Writing - This post! Another way to cheer myself up. Writing, just like music, is a world wide recommended way to shine your day. Letters jumble up in words and words decorate the plain white space in a fascinating manner. Writing also helps me to concentrate. When I write, it feels like such doors have opened about which I never come to know otherwise. Writing is a bliss. Writing is beautiful. Writing is happiness. In short, writing is Me.

A Promise - As another way for 'Happy Me Today', I have promised myself for a better tomorrow. I have promised that tomorrow morning will be way more soothing to my heart and in a complete sync with my thoughts. With such promise, I feel much better. I feel like I have something different to look after. And I am quite excited about it!

And yes! I bought Green Tea with Chamomile and Tulsi Ginger teas today. These days, I have been trying different kind of teas. I am already in love with Lemon and Tulsi Green tea (latter one is sinful). Now it's time for another two. Just for your record, Chamomile works as a stress buster. Not that I bought because of my stress but I did because I wanted to. So at this moment, I am going to try Green Tea with Chamomile. Hope it proves itself sinful like my favorite delicious Tulsi Green Tea. I am really glad.

Considering above verdicts, I can truly declare that I am more content at this moment than when I had woken up this mornin'. Little efforts pay big and big often pleases you. Right?

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