Wednesday, 18 February 2015

When I let the silence prevail.

This morning after my regular work out, I bid farewell to my hubby. Son was already in the school. After my hubby left, I sorted out rooms and stuff. Usually when I am doing chores and free of my writing sparks at the same time, I prefer listening to music. Music lightens me up and works as an excellent charger. While folding out the blanket, I thought to plug in my ears with my favorite tunes but somehow, I restrained myself. I took a moment and realized I was already tuned in! I had been around to the music of silence. It felt strange but rather very peaceful when I let the sprawled silence enter inside my head too. It felt really amazing.

It is not necessary to keep doing something all the time. An hour or so must be dedicated to pin drop silence. Once I stumbled on such zone, I felt so much at peace; away from all the chaos and hubble-bubbles of life though there was fan rotation sound and few birds still chirped outside but my whole concentration was narrowed down to the stillness of time. I truly enjoyed that particular slot while completing my chores. If someone asks why specifically I let the silence win over me, I may not have an exact answer. I may not have produced a particular product. But I can say one thing for sure. That not everything in life should be done in order to achieve something. There must be some actions which can be taken just for getting connected with inner self. Much like meditation or Yoga or looking out of window just to enjoy the bluish sky and vibrant trees. These are the time zones when nothing tinkles but only the silence. And silence can be one of the greatest friends in this world. It seeps happiness little by little.

And now is the time to slip how I came to escape my silent zone. I was so much soaked by the quietness of time that when my maid rang the door bell, I was literally jerked. Then a hearty laugh escaped my lips. Never let anything absorb you so much that it attains a full power on you. The final moments taught me this at least. :)

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