Tuesday, 24 February 2015

That annoying neighbor.

Few days back as I went down for my regular evening walk, I spotted some other neighbors talking in the pavement (another regular thing). Some of them are my friends and to some, I go with only small talk. One of them (a good friend of mine or I thought so) suddenly asked me about my book, It's Never Too Late. I smiled. She pestered me to tell its story. I thought to give the glimpse. As I was narrating the basics, I observed that her roaming daughter had hogged her attention. All of a sudden, she turned to me and said, "Chalo! Will catch you later" abruptly ending the conversation. I was in the middle of talking. Thereupon she moved away.

I stood there for few moments...completely speechless. I was astounded to see her sudden indifference towards her own set of queries. I wasn't there at her disposal to talk. Usually I don't like getting much into the story, if someone asks for the heck of 'What is it about?'. I simply say, 'Please go, buy and read it'. As simple as that! That neighbor has no right to be this rude. I am now not able to connect with her. One must show respect about what others do. If you can not do this then please do not mock with fake interests as well. You might end up hitting the wrong bull's eye. Anyway, she has taught me that not every person who shows genuine interest in you is real. A very important lesson indeed!

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