Monday, 2 February 2015

My Sis' Marriage

So Bangalore marked my absence for the entire January this year. I was at my native to attend my little sister's marriage. To help my mother beforehand with other marriage chores and enjoy an extra inch long grandiosity of the occasion, I took off from my home on Jan. 4th. Marriage was on 17th. and I also had to be prepared to battle against the spine chilling cold of North. I joined my parents with pre preparations. How Indian marriages are special, you can read it in my book, It's Never Too Late. Now let me show you how much I enjoyed the rituals in real.

With my mother and sister during a pre-marriage ritual

Gaana bajaana...masti time

Not showing off. I can play for real :)

Above snap shots belong to pre-marriage ceremonies. I also play Dholak (an Indian instrument and quite famous in marriages). It was so much fun with all of my relatives and family members. I enjoyed by volumes. But it was very much cold as well. I fell sick after few days of my arrival. But it is all the part of package. Thus moving forward. The first function concerning marriage was Tilak which usually takes place at groom's house. So we went to his place and here is the pic after the ceremony.

@ Tilak

Next day was marriage. Whilst I was excited seeing my all new sarees and accessories, I was also sad sending my sister away. It was truly hard because I love my siblings beyond horizon limits. But customs are undeniable. Marriage finished off on a good note though.

@ Marriage hour. Bless the couple

On 18th morning at around 7, we bid our farewell to my sister. She went with a smiling face. She didn't shed a tear at all! It was because right after two days she was coming for two major events that was to be held at our place - Reception and Sangeet. So she was happier thinking about meeting us again rather going away from us at the moment. Well, she was on right track. But I cried secretly.

So on 21st Jan., reception held. It was very chilly and I had forgotten to bring my shawl to the venue place. I was freezing though my father's splendid extravagant arrangements also included multiple furnaces all over the place to escape the needling nip in the air. It was truly helpful for helpless souls like me.

@ Reception with this gorgeous pair

My sister and her husband looked highly adorable that day. We fell in love with them. It was so nice seeing them sitting, smiling and talking together. Everyone heartily blessed the newly married couple. I also gave away my share. May they live happily forever with each other.

Next day (on 22nd) was Sangeet Sandhya (a musical function). This particular function is dedicated to bride and groom and several musical performances take place for the sake of enjoyment and entertainment. Sangeet also adds a wonderful different taste to Indian marriages. Without such function, marriages are incomplete. So here are some of the beautiful pictures for your reference. Just so you know, I and Sumit did the anchoring and everyone loved it.

Now I'd like to call upon...

My father and mother on stage

We dedicated a funny musical skit to bride and groom.

All performances were outstanding. Guests enjoyed each of them. Some of the pics are not with me else I'd have uploaded mine's performance too. I did a dance with my bhabhi and sister. It was very well received by everyone. Finally when the last function did get over, people lauded our efforts. They said the anchoring was one of the major attractions of the function. I was satisfied and delighted.

After everyone ventured towards dining area, I got myself clicked in a proper pose. Check this out:

How do I look? I love this one by the way. 

So this was pretty much it. This whole gung go ate maximum days of my visit. I stayed few days after every guest bid their farewell. I thought my presence would console my parents' hearts as they love my little sister a lot. And I love my parents. I can't see them sad. So I stayed, ate again a lottt and then parted ways finally at 11 AM on 31st Jan. Tears rolled inside my eyes after saying bye to mummy but I suppressed them from spilling over. Sometimes it is best to hide tears and show up a smile. It heals an aching heart.

When I came back, I was so glad to see my house (my hubby too by the way ;)). It was the first time I had left it since we have shifted in here and that too for so many days. Today most of the time was spent cleaning and arranging my house. I like my house to be tidied up all the time. I like its face this way only. Now I have to unpack my suitcases which is again a gargantuan task to perform and I am little thoughtful of how and when I will be able to finish it. But I will do it soon. Sooner I complete this, sooner I will be able to start focusing on my writing and reader selves.

Hope you'd enjoyed my musings with pictures. :)


  1. Excellent summary for our marriage. .. Shivani and I both love you too Didi... :)


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