Thursday, 19 February 2015

"Let's make a pact. I'll die first!"

Few days back, Sumit and I were discussing on some matters. Somehow the conversation headed towards ageing, dying and such bitter truths of life. I said that I don't want to age and want to die young. Sumit replied philosophically that everyone has to die one day. To mock him, I said,

"Okay! I think I'll die before you". I said in order to make him feel little sad inside so that he would pamper me with some comforting lines. But his reply mocked me back with a wicked grin. Sumit said,

"One day, everyone has to die my dear". I was clearly offended. I wanted him to say stuff like 'No. Don't talk like this' or go angry saying 'How come you can talk about dying. I love you and can't be without you' but his anger switch was turned off but mine was on. I tried for once more.

"Okay then! Let's make a pact. I will die first". He was amused to listen to this. And he said,

"No. Will die together". This comforted me a little but my vengeance was still on! I repeated.

'I will die first and that's final". He laughed at me. So this way, I have made myself lucky because dying first will not let me face the loneliness. I too can't be without him, you see.

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