Thursday, 5 February 2015

Does saying 'Sorry' make you feel any better?

One might say...Yes. It does. But sometimes, tiny chips of guilty unknowingly get left inside you. Committing with a sincere apology definitely gets shards of needling guilty away but it becomes hard when the person you are apologizing to does not acknowledge the level of your sincerity. So, saying 'Sorry', sometimes, does not make you feel any better.

Yet I believe we should say this one word whenever any mistake happens. It, at least, saves you from over-thinking or sulking deep in the ocean. I recently did an apology to someone and after doing that, I feel only a bit better because, I think, the person did not realize that I was being true to my front. I wanted to bury the hatchets but I got late and missed the bus. I had been thinking over the genuineness of my action since days but today only I got to terms with it completely. See. The over-thinking. It back fires. I finally said Sorry. The person probably is still hurt and I am now mum on the topic. But do I repent apologizing now? No. I do not. I was late yet I did my part thinking it’s never too late. If the person is unable to process my feelings, it is absolutely okay. I, any way, was not seeking for any sort of reply. The damage is done. At least, I tried to fix it and a tiny part of me is at peace now.

Sometimes it's hard to undo things.

I also believe these two magic words -- Thank you and Sorry -- can help build a long lasting relationship. Although these sound very formal yet it adds up wonders to daily life. Acknowledging other's help with a simple gratitude keeps you on high regard. And letting go of the ego and admitting your error also keeps you in good books, however, one must be careful while doing both/any of'em.

With friends and close family, not always you have to surrender yourself to these letters. But for the people you think you may have hurt unintentionally, never be late in expressing yourself. You never know whether you would be signed up for a good night sleep again.

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