Thursday, 12 February 2015

A terrible day.

I feel terrible while I write this. My uncle (my father's elder brother whom I call Tau ji) is not doing well at all back at home. I have just returned on 31st and I have come to receive this news. It was so awful to listen to all the details; how he got up late at night and how miserably he handled himself while going to the washroom. He fell down and hit his head to the nearby wall. Thrice!! Fortunately my mother's sleep was interrupted with his first fall (my uncle sleeps in a different room on the same floor). She got suspicious and woke up my father. My father went to check on my uncle and there he found him! Bleeding, unconscious in the pool of his own blood. His head bore a serious injury and a vein was visibly burst out. It was a horrible sight to him. He immediately got in action and managed to admit him in the hospital. According to doctors, he is stable now but he has lost lots of blood and is doing very much low by health.

For some reasons, I wasn't in exchange of conversation with my parents for last two days. Thus, I was completely unaware what was going on there. When my mother called this morning and told everything, I was shocked to listen to all of this. I couldn't believe it was all happening with him. No matter how much I suppressed myself, just the thought of the pain he must have endured while hitting the wall thrice, made me go weak and tears welled up in my eyes. It is so heart wrenching to think of him in such a situation. Since the moment I have hung up the phone, I am not able to concentrate on anything. I could not do my work and failed to write my story even by a word! Tears somehow found the outlet through my eyes and I cried more later.

Seeing all of this, I just wish my tau ji to get back to the height of his best health and also his pain to end asap. I want to go to my native and see him but mummy had refused me. She said she will call if there is a requirement. I understand but my heart craves to see my sick tau ji. It is truly hard for me to stay here and just listen to what is happening there. I love and respect him a lot. He is also very funny and strong enough to take care of himself. I now think he should have dropped the idea of sleeping alone two nights back and allowed someone to sleep with him. In such case, whatever happened could have been avoided. A person should not be strong at all times. Isn't it? Such case lights this concern.

By the way here is a pic of us which I took few years back, when he was all well and there were no trace of illness on his healthy active body.

See! How he was desperate to spoil the picture. But it turned out the opposite. I enjoy the pic this way only. After listening the news, I sat on my computer and gazed at this one for a long time.I remembered the moment when I had gone up to his room and he was on the terrace. I asked him whether he'd like to get clicked with me. He couldn't deny. And this way, we both ended up like this! He teasing and I smiling. These all memories just make me weak and I feel desperate to do anything for his wellness. I wish for him to get back to his golden peak of health. I just wish!


  1. Yes that is a good and natural pic. It is for keeps.
    Like your mom said, its best that you don't go to see him now. Its better to remember him as he was hale and hearty.

    1. I know that. But heart and mind both travel in opposite directions. Thankfully, he has come to senses and hopefully will start recovering soon.


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