Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A friendly company.

When I was heading back to Bangalore on Jan. 31st, my flight took a halt at Delhi airport. I was supposed to spend 40 minutes inside the aircraft until all Delhi passengers occupied their seats. Till that time, I didn't have a company. A guy was next to me but there were no sorts of communication happened between us. When you travel alone, you involuntarily crush over a friendly company. At Delhi, I prayed for a good companionship for the rest of the journey. And like my call had finally been answered, an old lady sat next to me. I was relieved. She was talkative. She started. I hopped in enthusiastically. She is the wife of a Wing Commander. I was impressed. Although she was old yet she beamed with experience and energy. She asked about my whereabouts and somewhere in between, I said I am an author and I showed her my book, It's Never Too Late. She was surprised and said she too was once fond of poems. She used to make years ago but now those hobbies have taken a back seat. I wondered why. She said because of marriage and all the other responsibilities.

I politely said these are actually all excuses. If one wants to do something, he/she finds time to do it. Though I was being pretty much straight forward (which I am), she agreed much to my amazement. I was glad she was ready to accept it. I tried to coax her into start writing again. She was uncertain but enthusiastic enough to think about it. That's all one needs to re-start a snoozing hobby. She said she also wants to learn some music. Perfect! I love music too. I shared how much all members in my family are music lovers and what kind of talents each of us carry. I encouraged her to start living her hobbies again. She has already taken care of her responsibilities and now she can take off with her favorites. She said she will do it.Then both of us went on about the other parts of our lives. She told her experiences. I shared mine. It was fun. I must say, the rest of the journey went by in a blink. She was so cool and nice to talk with.

I got her phone number because I asked her a snack recipe (that's also what ladies do when they communicate). I said I'll call her the day I make it. She seemed happy. She has come for Bangalore for around two weeks and I still haven't arranged all the ingredients for that specific snack. But good things should never wait. I am thinking to give her a call right after this post. Writing about her has sent me into a trance. I am reliving the wonderful journey I got to spend with her. Hope she is doing all fine. :)

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