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That annoying neighbor.

Few days back as I went down for my regular evening walk, I spotted some other neighbors talking in the pavement (another regular thing). Some of them are my friends and to some, I go with only small talk. One of them (a good friend of mine or I thought so) suddenly asked me about my book, It's Never Too Late. I smiled. She pestered me to tell its story. I thought to give the glimpse. As I was narrating the basics, I observed that her roaming daughter had hogged her attention. All of a sudden, she turned to me and said, "Chalo! Will catch you later" abruptly ending the conversation. I was in the middle of talking. Thereupon she moved away.

I stood there for few moments...completely speechless. I was astounded to see her sudden indifference towards her own set of queries. I wasn't there at her disposal to talk. Usually I don't like getting much into the story, if someone asks for the heck of 'What is it about?'. I simply say, 'Please go, buy and read …

"Let's make a pact. I'll die first!"

Few days back, Sumit and I were discussing on some matters. Somehow the conversation headed towards ageing, dying and such bitter truths of life. I said that I don't want to age and want to die young. Sumit replied philosophically that everyone has to die one day. To mock him, I said,

"Okay! I think I'll die before you". I said in order to make him feel little sad inside so that he would pamper me with some comforting lines. But his reply mocked me back with a wicked grin. Sumit said,

"One day, everyone has to die my dear". I was clearly offended. I wanted him to say stuff like 'No. Don't talk like this' or go angry saying 'How come you can talk about dying. I love you and can't be without you' but his anger switch was turned off but mine was on. I tried for once more.

"Okay then! Let's make a pact. I will die first". He was amused to listen to this. And he said,

"No. Will die together". This comforted me a l…

When I let the silence prevail.

This morning after my regular work out, I bid farewell to my hubby. Son was already in the school. After my hubby left, I sorted out rooms and stuff. Usually when I am doing chores and free of my writing sparks at the same time, I prefer listening to music. Music lightens me up and works as an excellent charger. While folding out the blanket, I thought to plug in my ears with my favorite tunes but somehow, I restrained myself. I took a moment and realized I was already tuned in! I had been around to the music of silence. It felt strange but rather very peaceful when I let the sprawled silence enter inside my head too. It felt really amazing.

It is not necessary to keep doing something all the time. An hour or so must be dedicated to pin drop silence. Once I stumbled on such zone, I felt so much at peace; away from all the chaos and hubble-bubbles of life though there was fan rotation sound and few birds still chirped outside but my whole concentration was narrowed down to the stillne…

A terrible day.

I feel terrible while I write this. My uncle (my father's elder brother whom I call Tau ji) is not doing well at all back at home. I have just returned on 31st and I have come to receive this news. It was so awful to listen to all the details; how he got up late at night and how miserably he handled himself while going to the washroom. He fell down and hit his head to the nearby wall. Thrice!! Fortunately my mother's sleep was interrupted with his first fall (my uncle sleeps in a different room on the same floor). She got suspicious and woke up my father. My father went to check on my uncle and there he found him! Bleeding, unconscious in the pool of his own blood. His head bore a serious injury and a vein was visibly burst out. It was a horrible sight to him. He immediately got in action and managed to admit him in the hospital. According to doctors, he is stable now but he has lost lots of blood and is doing very much low by health.

For some reasons, I wasn't in exchang…

Does saying 'Sorry' make you feel any better?

One might say...Yes. It does. But sometimes, tiny chips of guilty unknowingly get left inside you. Committing with a sincere apology definitely gets shards of needling guilty away but it becomes hard when the person you are apologizing to does not acknowledge the level of your sincerity. So, saying 'Sorry', sometimes, does not make you feel any better.
Yet I believe we should say this one word whenever any mistake happens. It, at least, saves you from over-thinking or sulking deep in the ocean. I recently did an apology to someone and after doing that, I feel only a bit better because, I think, the person did not realize that I was being true to my front. I wanted to bury the hatchets but I got late and missed the bus. I had been thinking over the genuineness of my action since days but today only I got to terms with it completely. See. The over-thinking. It back fires. I finally saidSorry.The person probably is still hurtand I am now mum on the topic. But do I repent apologizi…

A friendly company.

When I was heading back to Bangalore on Jan. 31st, my flight took a halt at Delhi airport. I was supposed to spend 40 minutes inside the aircraft until all Delhi passengers occupied their seats. Till that time, I didn't have a company. A guy was next to me but there were no sorts of communication happened between us. When you travel alone, you involuntarily crush over a friendly company. At Delhi, I prayed for a good companionship for the rest of the journey. And like my call had finally been answered, an old lady sat next to me. I was relieved. She was talkative. She started. I hopped in enthusiastically. She is the wife of a Wing Commander. I was impressed. Although she was old yet she beamed with experience and energy. She asked about my whereabouts and somewhere in between, I said I am an author and I showed her my book, It's Never Too Late. She was surprised and said she too was once fond of poems. She used to make years ago but now those hobbies have taken a back seat. …

My Sis' Marriage

So Bangalore marked my absence for the entire January this year. I was at my native to attend my little sister's marriage. To help my mother beforehand with other marriage chores and enjoy an extra inch long grandiosity of the occasion, I took off from my home on Jan. 4th. Marriage was on 17th. and I also had to be prepared to battle against the spine chilling cold of North. I joined my parents with pre preparations. How Indian marriages are special, you can read it in my book, It's Never Too Late. Now let me show you how much I enjoyed the rituals in real.