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Glad to be with you again

As I sit on my sofa and write, a deep sense of satisfaction sensitizes me. I opened my pages and checked on all updates. But first, let me invite you for the poem I made few minutes ago dedicated to my home very very sweet home. 

Everything is same yet it feels different, I too am the same yet it feels different; Beauty has got new eyes, And eyes have got new perspective; Glad to be with you again as I come, And you embrace me with yet another warm welcome.
Did you like it? I loved this tiny creation of mine which speaks volumes of my emotions. As I entered, I found my lovely house even more lovelier. Everything is same. Nothing has got changed since I had left it 27 days ago. In fact, stuff are bit scattered or say, they are not arranged up to the level of my satisfaction (and my level is fairly high, Sumit says ;)) yet it is such a lovely feeling to get to hug my house after so many days! I roamed around as I put my luggage down, changed and washed my face. You may feel I am being bi…