Sunday, 28 December 2014

Can someone be selfless?

It has been ten days and I haven't blogged about anything. It feels awful and also a crime to my writer self. Before I declare a serious verdict for myself, let me write a post right here right now in my helpless defense.

Can someone be selfless? Can someone go on doing good deeds one after another without expecting anything in return? Even if deeds are for the people who hardly give a damn about you? Is it easy to be selfish? Or, is it tough to be selfless?

To start with the last couple of questions, I guess it is not always easy to be selfish and it is also not tough to be selfless either. It all depends upon the perspective of the person in the situation. If I talk about me, I am a bit emotional person. I get attached with people easily (That is why some have hurt me just like that). I believe in caring for others even if it is the little daughter of the lady who comes every morning to collect garbage. I feel good after doing something good. But when the situation coaxes me to stop caring and go against my nature, it becomes difficult for me to be selfish. It's true. I am more like a giver (but only to those who have cups in the right position). I trust in making people happy in acceptable terms. There is anyway a lot of struggle and drama in life but if I can bring a smile to someone with an affordable gesture, I do it. The smile I get in return gives me the most coveted peace of mind. It strengthens my belief in doing good.

That is why when it comes to being selfish, I find it difficult. I need a strong reason to behave in selfish manners. It is tough. I can't do it all the time unless you have taken a vow to harass me every minute. If I put it in other words, it is bit easier for me to go selfless. I am instant in going so. If someone I know and am familiar with is facing trouble, I get on my foot to listen and help. If I have guests over, I go a little extra mile about everything. Be it food or good conduct, I am always active, honest and sincere about these things. So is it okay if I say I am selfless?

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Don't say these to a heart broken soul.

She was talking to her sister over the phone. After a little personal chat, the sister said, "I am glad for you that things have become normal. It is good". She pursed her lips and didn't say anything. She felt a little discomfort at her sister's words. It was after two seconds that she found a suitable answer to tackle the remark.

"What are you talking about? Things were never abnormal. They were normal and will always be".

The sister's remark itched the wound on her heart. She wanted to go past things but people, sometimes, forbid her for doing so. I guess what happened with her had certainly been happened with any of us at some stage of our lives. We face some horrible phases, hardly find courage to pick the shattered pieces of ourselves and when finally we succeed in doing so, people never let the cracks fill with their sympathy coated painful reminders. What they don't know that it hurts! It hurts to stumble on something that can remind us of something painful; something that had an ugly face which once was bolted with sweating efforts but some acts just unbolt the pin and expose the wound. Needless to say, the situation deteriorates and once again, the gory past starts pinching hard.

So here is a quick guide about What not to say to a heart broken soul. Trust me, it can save your time, the goodwill and the foremost, the cornerstones of the relationship.

Glad to see things have become normal.

A complete no no. Because this sentence also refers to this - Things were abnormal once. Your compassion matters. So choose to express it in absolute and mature words. You can simply say 'I am glad to see you happy'. At least, you will bring a smile to the person you are conversing to.

Hope you won't do it again.

Want it or not, everyone knows mistakes happen. So saying this remark will stir the grief by manifolds. Talk normal and show your empathy but please! DO NOT follow your talks by questioning the soul's competency to act or judge. Some things happen in a way that even after years, it still feels incredulous thinking how foolishly we fell into the pit. Now the soul has nothing but to regret and moving on. The bottom line here is, if you can't bring the happiness then please, don't be the ugly face either.

Friday, 12 December 2014

A night owl.

I know I should be sleeping at this odd hour but since when writers have followed the world? Never. So let me abide by my world rules here. (Chuckle + Yawn!)

These days I have been so busy that I hardly find time to stop by here and write something. My in laws are here and we are very much enjoying our time with them. Most of the time goes by in a blink which I truly appreciate because loneliness kills sometimes (Sometimes I so wish books could do some actual talk too). So I have been darn busy and lots of things are happening around.

Year end's celebration planning is going on. Also planning to visit some places. Finished one fantastic book. Started another one. Took out full sleeve jackets (It's getting very cold now a days). Learnt some lip smacking dishes. Put on a little weight (Grin). June 21st declared as World Yoga Day. And not to mention, working on my next story. Theme is excited but you have to wait to have hands on it.

Life would be a bore if so much things weren't happening around. Being busy is cool. Remember how I talked about going neutral in my last post? Well..I am basically here to report on that. The post might have seemed a little out of track but actually it is about being on track. Being neutral actually works! Because you are ready to accept every kind of return. If you get happiness, you get excited and if you get sadness, well, it wasn't like you weren't expecting it. Being neutral truly helps to work out with every emotion. You feel more balanced, flexible and ready to handle anything and everything. I have been neutral about few things lately and fortunately, I am at the receiving end of the happiness. I am glad but I am balanced as well. It helps me to cope up with any unexpected consequences that might create a displeasure.  All in all, right now I am a night owl blabbering about my recent days of life which is great.

Hubby is here to instruct me again to go back to sleep. Okay! This is the last time he is ruling my world. Next time, door is closed for him. (Wink and smile)