Sunday, 28 December 2014

Can someone be selfless?

It has been ten days and I haven't blogged about anything. It feels awful and also a crime to my writer self. Before I declare a serious verdict for myself, let me write a post right here right now in my helpless defense.

Can someone be selfless? Can someone go on doing good deeds one after another without expecting anything in return? Even if deeds are for the people who hardly give a damn about you? Is it easy to be selfish? Or, is it tough to be selfless?

To start with the last couple of questions, I guess it is not always easy to be selfish and it is also not tough to be selfless either. It all depends upon the perspective of the person in the situation. If I talk about me, I am a bit emotional person. I get attached with people easily (That is why some have hurt me just like that). I believe in caring for others even if it is the little daughter of the lady who comes every morning to collect garbage. I feel good after doing something good. But when the situation coaxes me to stop caring and go against my nature, it becomes difficult for me to be selfish. It's true. I am more like a giver (but only to those who have cups in the right position). I trust in making people happy in acceptable terms. There is anyway a lot of struggle and drama in life but if I can bring a smile to someone with an affordable gesture, I do it. The smile I get in return gives me the most coveted peace of mind. It strengthens my belief in doing good.

That is why when it comes to being selfish, I find it difficult. I need a strong reason to behave in selfish manners. It is tough. I can't do it all the time unless you have taken a vow to harass me every minute. If I put it in other words, it is bit easier for me to go selfless. I am instant in going so. If someone I know and am familiar with is facing trouble, I get on my foot to listen and help. If I have guests over, I go a little extra mile about everything. Be it food or good conduct, I am always active, honest and sincere about these things. So is it okay if I say I am selfless?

The real test arises when the person you are serving to denies your presence or efforts. One moment you are thinking you are doing out of a good heart but when the receiving person does not soak in the warmth you are squeezing onto him, it becomes tough to do another selfless deed in the row. Isn't it? Can you relate yourself with this? I hope yes.

Every person is always in some kind of relationship and when there are relationships, there will always lay expectations. Big or small, doesn't matter actually. When expectations meet desires, it is easy to be selfless but when expectations meet denial, the situation topples down. Being selfless in not so easy either.

No one can stay selfish or selfless all the time. Every moment, one of them is stuck with us. Even in our purest moments, we expect something. But is it wrong to have expectations then? Do expectations make us selfish or selfless?

Well...this is the matter for another post. See you. Good night.


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    1. An appropriate comment Aryh. It is tough to understand the concept of 'Can someone be selfless?'
      Appreciate you stopped by though.

  2. The question is why do we need to be selfless all the time? If our wants and needs are being taken care by someone else, we can take care of someone else rather than thinking about self. But since I will be living in a fool's paradise to expect this, for the time being, let's muse over the issue ;)

    1. Actually the real fool's paradise would be the time when people will stop caring for others and hence, stop being selfless. Your expectations are very genuine. We all care for someone all the time so practically we live in as you said 'Fool's paradise'. :)


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