Monday, 3 November 2014

When you are judged for being thoughtful.

Sometimes it feels like thoughtfulness or being considerate to someone else have become alien words. You do something for the sake of their own goodness and last thing you know, you have become unpleasant and a personality who was forcing things on them.

How illogical and unfair it is?! I was being good and kind enough to some people but all I am left with is an unanticipated bucketful of ill words and rudeness. And all this while, I enveloped myself thinking the world is sane enough to return warmth in exchange of the same. What an irony? I am now crashed on a different reality island.

It hurts. I feel bad. Such people have beautifully insured the stop button on my visit to their homes. I am being paid for my goodness. I now have no courage to meet and greet such people, forget about being thoughtful like earlier I was. This is, I guess, the biggest disadvantage. Because of others insensitivity, you lose people, you lose relationships and most of all, you end up learning unpleasant lessons. Why people do it anyway? Why they fail to acknowledge others' sacrifice of time and energy just for them? Who gives them the right to judge others? How they can be so misfit in the whole picture?

There are lots of questions that could be quenched with one answer. Because - World doesn't work exactly according to our expectations. Different minds, and different perspectives originate different people. But still...why people are immune to other's kindness?

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