Friday, 14 November 2014

Switch the courts and that's it!

My son loves participating in competitions. He has even won three medals (2 Gold and 1 Bronze). This year, he has participated in International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) which is happening in the first week of this December. He had done satisfactory in National Science Olympiad (NSO) one that happened this week. He received his practice book the morning before the exam and in one day (and I acknowledge it very proudly), he completed all ten chapters! He slept one and half hours late than his usual time but not before he finished solving all those ten chapters. He wanted to do well in the exam and that was why he preferred to solve all those chapters, however, his eyes cracked with webs of red lines and I could see faint appearances of dark circles under his eyes. For encouragement, I stayed awake beside him to support in his endeavors. Finally when he was done, I was proud and all satisfied with his endurance to do good in science exam which went okay.

Now the Maths one is approaching fast. I received the practice book this after noon. In the evening when my son was done with watching TV, doing homework and playing random, I asked him to start solving Maths sums from the book. He refused constantly. He again wanted to watch TV which I wasn't in mood to agree for. I kept pestering for him to solve sums while he was all about watching TV.

After many trials, I thought a little more seriously on how to get him settle for the practice book without making an unpleasant scene. I asked him to assume a situation where we both had switched our places; where I was the kid and he was the mom. Then I asked would he still allow me to watch TV?

He looked down and said, 'No. I would not allow you to watch TV'. I was so glad and delighted to hear his answer. Without any further ado, he sat by himself and solved the first chapter of the book. He was attentive and ready to start.

It was interesting to see the consequences. Instead of yelling, requesting for million times, or repeating the same instruction over and over again until you either fed up and allow your kid's demands or messing with your hair, just switch the courts, let the ball roll and that's it. You have a win win situation.

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