Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Happy or sad? Better go neutral.

Reading conspires against your will. It makes you think over so many things that you wouldn't think otherwise. The moment is one of them in which I am expressing another trail of my thoughts in this ever expanding white landscape.

The trail is triggered by a thought; a thought about an inevitable upcoming future. When I know my birthday or something cheerful is about to unfold, happiness seeps in but when I know I am going to face an unfortunate moment, sadness resides instead. Either way, we know a definite pavement to walk into but...knowing the upcoming and yet to be uncertain how to feel about it is weird and rather strange. Because we feel either happy or sad about something, anything. In other words, things either make us happy or sad. There is no third road to put forward our foot on.

But how about going neutral? Why do we have to bother about being either happy or sad about something? Emotions burden us with unnecessary pressure. If it is a good future moment, we involuntarily are delighted but if the opposite takes place, sadness ricochets from this wall to that one. But going neutral is worth giving a shot. When you know a certain span of future is about to lay bare in front of your eyes and you are helpless about its transformation under your control, just go neutral. Don't tangle yourself into deciding whether to feel happy or sad. Just stay, live and think neutral. Future itself will decide for you. 

It, I know, is easier said than done. We have always categorized ourselves by emotions. Loneliness, joy, anger, agitation, surprise, sadness, fear; every emotion categorizes our unfolding as per its emergence. For a moment, just for a moment, let's go neutral. Slice the own self away from every emotion. Would it be hard or would it make the upcoming easier to deal with?

Guess what? Only the time will tell. But for now, be neutral when you are uncertain about how to feel about the upcoming.

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