Monday, 24 November 2014

Friends make good times unforgettable.

Last weekend was spent totally meeting with some of our close friends. We had lunch at one friend's house and then dinner and sleepover at other's. We could leave only after following day's lunch. It was so nice and fun to spend time with all of'em. 

In a vast and ever expanding city like Bangalore, if you happen to bond with some of the best people on the planet then the world is surely at your feet. We are glad and privileged to find some new friends here who totally share our frequency. Finding true friendship is tough but when you get it, it is a bliss. During lunch, we pulled each others' legs and at barbecue dinner, it was soothing to sit out at the rim of the balcony and watch our husbands knitting veggie pieces in skewers. We chatted a lot. Laughter just came along swiftly. Altogether we had one of those times that we will never forget.

These bygone moments bow you to relive them over and over again. How we laughed, how she pulled a joke or how they are so much into each other; everything was easy. Life seems so easy this way, rowing itself against no offensive wave. You just wish it to go on and on and the journey like this to never end. I am kind of wishing like this. The another week has started but I am not complaining. I am just a happy go lucky soul.

Remember what I said in my last post, Never say...If I had a chance, where I had talked about creating a PPT about life which will make you happy and give you the piece of peace you crave for at the end of it? I am just creating some great slides for my presentation so that when I lie back and wait for my final breath, I could enjoy memories and say final words with a smile.

Have you created such slides lately? :)

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