Saturday, 29 November 2014

Embracing Bangalore

Living in a different state can fill your cup only then when you are ready to mold accordingly. We have been living in the city for long and I am quite keen to learn its native language which is Kannada. Despite of many trials in the past, I could not learn the language past more than a few lines. Somehow I could not comply to the fullest.

Learning a different language is tough? Isn't it? But being a stubborn soul, I won't stop until I learn it. So I have started learning it again. This time my maid is helping me getting through the barriers. I have learnt few new sentences lately and I am trying to instill them in my daily life. Therefore in the process, I started to have some fun with my husband this morning. After breakfast, I asked him whether he wanted tea but in Kannada. He looked at me, completely puzzled and clueless. I was being amused within. I repeated my question. He again looked at me but answered in Kannada out of a guess. And it was correct!! In the meanwhile, my maid was having her own share of fun seeing me tricking my husband like that.

It was fun. Talking to him like that. I guess if I continue like this, I can learn faster. Everyday I am learning new set of lines and trying to remember them before the next one. Isn't it appropriate to say...that let me embrace Bangalore in one more way. :)

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