Monday, 17 November 2014

A little reminder from life

Last week, one of my neighbors had to face a highly unanticipated emergency. Her li'l daughter swallowed something when she was out. Her helper called out immediately and she reached hurriedly only to witness her daughter feeling gravely drowsy. Unfortunately, her husband was also out of station and there was no one else at home for help either besides the helper. My friend was about to ran down the stairs when she caught on the idea of contacting her nearest neighbor. She banged on the door frantically. Unfortunate was generously hailing upon her at the moment. There was no one in the house to attend. Everyone had gone out. My friend started shouting madly calling her name when, fortunately, the other neighbor heard it. He ran down to see what had happened. Then he took her and her little daughter to the hospital where doctors did their job. Later on, the little one was shifted to another hospital for better treatment. I didn't know any of this. I was sleeping through the evening because of poor health while my friend kept crying for help.

Next morning she texted me with all the scenario. I was horrified to read them. I immediately called her. She told her daughter had probably swallowed the mosquito repellent from its broken case and how helpless she was at the moment. My mouth fell open. I winced for not being able to reach her on time. She then entailed on every detail and how her daughter's health was stable. Her husband had immediately caught the early morning flight and flew back home. I was relieved to hear this. I like my this particular neighbor a lot and literally don't want to see her going through any trouble let alone such serious one.

When I asked her why she did not call me when I live just one floor up, she said she was so shocked and desperate for help that she failed to call anyone. She only noticed her same floor neighbor's door when she was running down for help. She could not think of anything but her daughter's worse health. I understood. I understood what she was going through. I sent away my best wishes and called her several times to check on her and her daughter. Thankfully, they all are back at home and fine now.

How shocking life is! At one moment, it is pleasant and devoid of worries but at the very next, we cluelessly run here and there like a manic for help. My friend could have called me or the others but she simply failed to gauge the possibilities. It is easier to say but it is indeed important to keep our mind prepared for some emergency contacts during emergencies. I told her that we should keep few contacts on speed dials for a quick help. She agreed.

So I request you too. Keep emergency numbers handy and mind stable. It helps.

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