Friday, 17 October 2014

When parents fight.

I don't know about you but I sure know about me. I laugh when my parents fight. Yes. You can say that I am a little spoiled daughter but I do. At least it is better to see them speaking to each other rather than speaking none at all!

This afternoon when I was having some sweet talks with my mother about myriad of things, she suddenly went emotional. During festive season, my father gets darn busy with his hectic schedules and he barely finds time to discuss other things to us. So naturally when my mother had tried to discuss some not-so-festive relevant concerns to him, he refused to listen. Now my mother is also going stubborn. She has also stopped sharing her things. When I listened, as expected, I laughed over it but anyway soothed my mother who needs it pretty much.

Sometimes parents behave like us, the kids. They fight over trivial things and simply stop talking to each other. Now all the horror responsibilities come down to kids. When they ask who is right between them, I look at them one by one and fail to decide what to say on the matter. Because no one is actually ready to accept 'I am wrong' and I don't want to hurt either of them as well. During such times, I have to speak to them on different times and I sure do try to pacify their anger and misunderstandings. Trust me. Getting my parents talk to each other again is tougher than my writing work. At least my characters listen to me.

Now that I am done talking to my mother, I need to talk to my father. Of course in a casual simple way. Much like cajoling, you can say. There comes time when parents and children switch their places. Kids become older and parents go nuts over tiny issues. Life is funny. Isn't it?

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