Tuesday, 14 October 2014

What's life without a purpose?

Boring and meaningless, I'd say. At least this is true in my case. I have submitted the manuscript of my next book to the publisher and now I have to do nothing but to wait for the response. While I wait, I rack my brain over what-to-do in the ample of my leisurely slot. I get bored because I miss the regular dose of my story writing, tight deadlines and excitement of having something to look forward to everyday and now that my purpose is gone, my life seems hopeless to me. So to fill the gap, I am writing a post after so many days and it makes me feel great inside. I enjoy it immensely.

Somehow, I do not find solace in reading these days. And for how long I am gonna chat with my mother, sister or someone else over the phone? If I cross my limits, my chatting will swiftly turns into a torture to them. So I better refrain myself from over-chatting. I also like watching movies, English movies on that note (because Hindi channels show such weird titled flicks like Main Hoon Don or I am some place's Kiran Bedi. That sounds hell to me and I stay away from them). I find English movies interesting and making sense at some point. So I watch them but staring at TV and let it stare at me at the same moment kinda freaks me out, if it happens on the daily basis. So watching movies is also is out of option.

So I am watching Friends series...again. The series is awesome and holds enormous power to unfold you in fits of laughter whenever you see it. So I spend some of my time watching its episodes. I have got neighbors but I don't find bugging them either with my frequent visits and nonchalant chats. Basically I am homesick who rarely goes out. I do not prefer much to go to other's place and talk for hours. I am just not like that.

But I like Bangalore evenings. They are nice and soothing. I sit at my balcony for sometime and just look at happy tall trees and verity of people wandering around. Writing is becoming my thing too and I like that at a huge level. It gives me a purpose and keeps me connected with my own self. It's nice to just be in touch with yourself also. I do it often. Do you? If not, try. You will be closer to life.

Long story cut short, today sucked for me. But I have promised myself to make my tomorrow a better day. I will do some good things and enjoy the day. I will not let it pass in vain. Not everyone is blessed with time and if I am, I am not going to waste it.

See you here tomorrow again! 


Hey! Before you leave, i wish you a good day or...night.