Monday, 27 October 2014

Significance of finding passion.


One of the strongest emotion to keep all of us going. Passion is one thing that can make our lives a rags to riches story. It can also turn us into ashes from once a proud tall personality. This is the power of having a passion about something. This narrates the significance of finding passion into something that can lead our lives to meaningful turns and events.

For me, passion is to drive a meaningful life. I care about my life and the way I lead it. Most often, I make my own choices and take my stands on them without flinching even for a second. It hardly matters whether those choices look good or bad to others but if it is righteously good for my family, I do have the courage to bolt that choice in my life. I usually do not care much about what others would say. I practically care about what I (my conscience) would say at the end of the day without being biased to anything. I am my own mirror where I see my reflection in true flawless ways. That is why I care a little more than ordinary about how I reign my life. It helps me to carry my passion with perseverance and truthfulness it seeks for.

Writing is my passion. Creating a plot, weaving characters, fitting scenes, bolting twists and turns, finishing the story, editing and then again editing, sending it to publishers and finally one day seeing a book in my hands which was once a simple idea in my head typed tirelessly as a story on MS Doc are just a few parts of my job to mention. This whole process is very exciting and equally frustrating as well. It's not easy to give up on everything and get down to write, write and just write. It is certainly a tough job to bite my nails over what-would-happen-next once the story is sent for the approval. But there is always one thing that seeps hope in me and that is, the passion to write my best at the moment and to see my story as a book in my hands one day. This sole imagination keeps me going regardless of aching muscles. This strengthens the belief in my work.

Writing and passion go hand in hand

And if it all happens to me, that is because I am passionate about my work. It gives me a strong incentive to start my day with a happy heart. It makes up for a big reason that I have something to look forward to everyday lest I'd die with boredom in my own home. My passion keeps me happy and, at peace.

This was all about my share of passion. How about yours?

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