Thursday, 16 October 2014

SOS!? 'Team Work' is the answer.

When people work as a team, it is important to understand nuances between working as an individual and as a team. As an individual, you really have to put much effort on each and every front. You have to think about unthinkable questions that might pop up from any direction. Everything literally becomes your own sole responsibility which comes as a benefit sometimes.

But working as a team demands a lot more than working alone. You have to get frequencies matched and then getting people down to work together which might prove to be a horror many a times. Yes. Many a times. More brains at one project means higher chances of arguments and differences. Some people just sip their drinks and lay back assuming they are stripped off any responsibility. Some act like they are omniscient. Some go like 'Okay. If others are not bothered, why should I?' and some are like only about 'Me , me and only me'. They expect everything to revolve around themselves but when the reality dawns, they pretty much crash on their own fantasy land and start blaming others for no reason. And some goes like 'I am anyway not going to be part of it. So I won't have a say in anything' while they keep doing back talking on every front.

That's what I am talking about.

I know because I am currently facing a bit of all of these. It's intense and little frustrating to realize how people can easily dust themselves off everything and still call themselves a part of something. Team work is like a helpline or more like a SOS. When a project is initiated, a good team work is the key answer. We need to channelize our thinking attitude and create a pattern where competencies make the task-at-hand easier. Being able to work in a team is one of the most significant qualities that one can have but instead of taking it to the right positive direction, people take the other way round and buzz everything off.

So you can understand how my day is passing. It's become a poor victim of sadness and over-thinking. But I gotta solve this asap and I will do it. For how long water will keep boiling after all? It has to evaporate. Right?

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