Friday, 17 October 2014

Do I treasure what I have?

This mornin', a small incident took my hands and made me sit for thinking about - Do I treasure what I have?

Then my mind raced to make the list that makes up for my treasure. I have beautiful friendly parents, lovely and extremely understanding husband, nice siblings, a good friend, a career to look up to, a great family and a world full of music and books. So this is my treasure, I realized.

Then I proceeded to think how much do I value them on day to day basis? Also, for how many times I have taken all of them or either of them as granted? Such questions appeared as unexpected characters much like in a puppet show. Because it was good to ponder over all these surprises. I analyzed that I value each of them a lot. I really love and care about people who are important to me. Sometimes I may fail to express myself but I still love them and want to be with them forever.

Now the other question. Have I taken them for granted? The answer was - Sometimes. Not always. I sighed. As a human being which is a walking reservoir of foibles, at some points, we do take people for granted. It just happens automatically. When we have security over something knowing we are not going to loose this person or an object, we tend to get careless about it. We sometimes stop putting efforts in the process to keep it with us because it is always going to be with us. It is natural.

So basically, we can pull out our caring hat and start pampering our relationships. The incident made me feel good because I was reminded that no matter that my beloved gang of people is going to stay with me forever, I can still go little insecure about them. This way, I will always cherish the bonding and will work to retain its strength. I guess that's the way to treasure what I have. Right?

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