Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Antwriting or Handwriting?

My kid is remarkably good in studies. Whatever he reads or listens, he quickly has a grasp on it. I like it a lot but the one thing that I don't like about him is, his handwriting. He writes in small fonts as if writing in bigger ones would cost him new set of pencils every day or shred his muscles in pain. Over and over again, we have asked, scolded and requested him to improve his writing but he hardly listens to us. But we don't give up either.

Last weekend when he was doing his homework, he showed his completed chapters to us. I again chided him to write in bigger fonts lest I would erase everything and he would have to write all over again. He didn't listen as usual and expected. Then he showed the same homework to his father. Sumit looked at him for a moment and asked,

"Is this your handwriting or antwriting?"

I and my kid both stared at him for his creativity. What a wonderful term he has invented for his kid! I thought. The term Antwriting truly justifies my kid's handwriting. It seems like small ants are running over lines; sometimes in a straight queue or sometimes in zig-zag manner. Since then, I keep asking my kid to improve his antwiritng, not handwriting.

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