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Stories should be bumpy.

Currently I am reading the five people you meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. The author needs no introduction yet I'd like to say one thing. He is an international bestseller of tuesdays with Morrie.

The reason I bought this book because it talks about afterlife. It is fascinating to tickle my senses knowing about the unknown. I started the book, I liked it instantly. The protagonist, 83 year old Eddie, is as simple as any old age person and when he dies, his afterlife journey starts up. In fact, the very first chapter of the book is titled The End. Because the story starts where Eddie dies. No more secrets and let's jump on why I am here writing this post.

During one of the initial chapters, the author has molded a very thought provoking statement.

'It is because the human spirit knows, deep down, that all lives intersect. That death just doesn't take someone, it missed someone else, and in the small distance between being taken and being missed, lives are chang…

Antwriting or Handwriting?

My kid is remarkably good in studies. Whatever he reads or listens, he quickly has a grasp on it. I like it a lot but the one thing that I don't like about him is, his handwriting. He writes in small fonts as if writing in bigger ones would cost him new set of pencils every day or shred his muscles in pain. Over and over again, we have asked, scolded and requested him to improve his writing but he hardly listens to us. But we don't give up either.

Last weekend when he was doing his homework, he showed his completed chapters to us. I again chided him to write in bigger fonts lest I would erase everything and he would have to write all over again. He didn't listen as usual and expected. Then he showed the same homework to his father. Sumit looked at him for a moment and asked,

"Is this your handwriting or antwriting?"

I and my kid both stared at him for his creativity. What a wonderful term he has invented for his kid! I thought. The term Antwriting truly justifie…

Significance of finding passion.


One of the strongest emotion to keep all of us going. Passion is one thing that can make our lives a rags to riches story. It can also turn us into ashes from once a proud tall personality. This is the power of having a passion about something. This narrates the significance of finding passion into something that can lead our lives to meaningful turns and events.

For me, passion is to drive a meaningful life. I care about my life and the way I lead it. Most often, I make my own choices and take my stands on them without flinching even for a second. It hardly matters whether those choices look good or bad to others but if it is righteously good for my family, I do have the courage to bolt that choice in my life. I usually do not care much about what others would say. I practically care about what I (my conscience) would say at the end of the day without being biased to anything. I am my own mirror where I see my reflection in true flawless ways. That is why I care a little mo…

A wish from heart

Joyous festive season Makes you smile For no reason; Tis the time to enjoy, Tis the time to connect, Call all your beloveds, Cherish lovely moments you spent; Rush, excitement, and beautiful lights, Make way for stupendous sights; Here I give my Diwali greetings, With love, life, happiness and blessings.

When parents fight.

I don't know about you but I sure know about me. I laugh when my parents fight. Yes. You can say that I am a little spoiled daughter but I do. At least it is better to see them speaking to each other rather than speaking none at all!

This afternoon when I was having some sweet talks with my mother about myriad of things, she suddenly went emotional. During festive season, my father gets darn busy with his hectic schedules and he barely finds time to discuss other things to us. So naturally when my mother had tried to discuss some not-so-festive relevant concerns to him, he refused to listen. Now my mother is also going stubborn. She has also stopped sharing her things. When I listened, as expected, I laughed over it but anyway soothed my mother who needs it pretty much.

Sometimes parents behave like us, the kids. They fight over trivial things and simply stop talking to each other. Now all the horror responsibilities come down to kids. When they ask who is right between them, I l…

Do I treasure what I have?

This mornin', a small incident took my hands and made me sit for thinking about - Do I treasure what I have?

Then my mind raced to make the list that makes up for my treasure. I have beautiful friendly parents, lovely and extremely understanding husband, nice siblings, a good friend, a career to look up to, a great family and a world full of music and books. So this is my treasure, I realized.

Then I proceeded to think how much do I value them on day to day basis? Also, for how many times I have taken all of them or either of them as granted? Such questions appeared as unexpected characters much like in a puppet show. Because it was good to ponder over all these surprises. I analyzed that I value each of them a lot. I really love and care about people who are important to me. Sometimes I may fail to express myself but I still love them and want to be with them forever.

SOS!? 'Team Work' is the answer.

When people work as a team, it is important to understand nuances between working as an individual and as a team. As an individual, you really have to put much effort on each and every front. You have to think about unthinkable questions that might pop up from any direction. Everything literally becomes your own sole responsibility which comes as a benefit sometimes.

But working as a team demands a lot more than working alone. You have to get frequencies matched and then getting people down to work together which might prove to be a horror many a times. Yes. Many a times. More brains at one project means higher chances of arguments and differences. Some people just sip their drinks and lay back assuming they are stripped off any responsibility. Some act like they are omniscient. Some go like 'Okay. If others are not bothered, why should I?' and some are like only about 'Me , me and only me'. They expect everything to revolve around themselves but when the reality dawn…

A chain is as strong as it's weakest link.

This evening my one neighbor took me to another neighbor's house just for a formal chit chat. As I sat and sipped tea, we started discussion on upcoming Diwali preparation. As a whole society, we have decided to celebrate this wonderful festival together. So there are lots of fronts that every one of us has been talking about.

Among all of these, some good, some bad, some bitter sweet and some eye brow raising issues have been paving way to us. One of them is to - Not discussing an issue that you come across with others. Whether you are attending a celebration or not but it's still your responsibility to keep others aware about an issue that might lead to chaos later. No one can come to know about every single quintessential thing happening outside. When there is a collective celebration, each person should come forward to offer help. Thinking 'If I am not going to be a part of it then why should I bother telling this to others' simply does not help. I explained the s…

What's life without a purpose?

Boring and meaningless, I'd say. At least this is true in my case. I have submitted the manuscript of my next book to the publisher and now I have to do nothing but to wait for the response. While I wait, I rack my brain over what-to-do in the ample of my leisurely slot. I get bored because I miss the regular dose of my story writing, tight deadlines and excitement of having something to look forward to everyday and now that my purpose is gone, my life seems hopeless to me. So to fill the gap, I am writing a post after so many days and it makes me feel great inside. I enjoy it immensely.

Somehow, I do not find solace in reading these days. And for how long I am gonna chat with my mother, sister or someone else over the phone? If I cross my limits, my chatting will swiftly turns into a torture to them. So I better refrain myself from over-chatting. I also like watching movies, English movies on that note (because Hindi channels show such weird titled flicks like Main Hoon Don or I…