Friday, 5 September 2014

Lessons I learnt from my teachers

Happy Teachers Day! :)

The day is a generous reminder to all of us that we need to remember and respect our teachers. Teachers are generous.They are kind, selfless, guides and probably the best face of humanity. I have learned so many things from them right from my childhood which I am going to share. This will be a tribute to my beloved teachers because I am still their student. A heartfelt wish surely crosses the barriers and touches the person it is intended to.

Be flexible and fun

This quality I learnt from my Punjabi teacher, Miss Harjeet Kaur (now she is married), when I was in my middle school. She was slender, beautiful and her voice was very sweet. We all loved her a lot not only because she was a great teacher but also because she was flexible with her schedules. Sometimes she let us take breaks from studies and played games with us like Antakshari or Joke time. She was the first person to tell me that I sing good. That I had the sweetest voice in the class. I still savor that moment. Being open minded and easy to talk with, I learnt how to be flexible and fun both at the same time from her.

Be courageous

When I took Science in Std. 10th, I needed a tutor to teach me subjects like Maths, Bio and Science. One teacher, Sunil sir, was already coming to my home tutoring all Arts subjects since years (however he initially came to teach Science subjects but because of some reasons, he started teaching Arts subjects and the procession continued for years). When I asked him whether he could teach me Science subjects, he smiled with uncertainty but gave a yes nevertheless. I remember he said to me, "Before teaching you, I think I'd've to brush up my own knowledge".

Sunil sir started teaching me Maths sums and equations; Biology's lengthy chapters and Chemistry's mind boggling experiments; all of it was tough for him to teach because years of teaching Arts subjects had settled a thick layer of dust on his Science knowledge yet...he was giving his best. I had seen him solving Maths sums and equations prior to my tuition time so that he could teach me flawlessly. If I had done really good in my board exams that year, it was only because of him and I don't have enough words to express my gratitude towards him.

If Sunil sir wanted, he could have gone for a straight no when I asked him to teach me Science but he said yes. It takes courage to acknowledge the pomposity of the job and yet to accept and excel at it. Thus, he taught me about courage and to take risks and then giving my best.

Politeness and importance of smiling

These two qualities I learnt from my Hindi teacher, Jyoti miss. She was very polite to talk. Her voice was sweet and low. Whenever she reprimanded us, then only we could here her tough raised pitched voice otherwise she always spoke in a very polite manner.

But she hardly smiled. And that is why I learnt how much it is important to smile. Whenever we spotted her smiling, instantly it turned into a big news. She should have smiled more often, I still feel like this. But she was a wonderful teacher indeed.


This thing I have learnt from Time, the best teacher of all. Never speaks, never demands. It goes on as per its own course and teaches you the best lessons of life. It never leaves your side by the way. I have learnt so many things from time that I might fail counting them but some of them are -

Perseverance - Never give up. Keep trying
Clarity - Helped me to be able to distinguish between good and not-so-good people.
Companionship - When everybody leaves your side, time will never do this to you.
Perpetuity - That good qualities, good deeds and good memories will always be alive.
Short lived - Good or bad, the phase will pass.
Perspective - Life is good or bad, depends upon the way you see it.

There are more to write but enough to say for a post.

At last, thank you all my teachers and mentors to guide me whenever I was at lack of knowledge. Your lessons still live with me and I still remember you with a smile. You all are the best and inseparable parts of my life. I wish I could see you. Thank you for being there and Happy Teachers Day again! :)

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