Thursday, 4 September 2014


A simple word to say but a strong quality to work upon. If developed in a positive manner, a bless but if in negative concoction, can be extremely harmful. Perspective is the way/attitude to perceive things and process them as per your thoughts and intuitions; things that may look or sound otherwise to people.

In last few days I have tried to improve my perspective regarding few things and it helps. It really helps. Not because I was at loss but just like that. Trying new things is better than to stay stubborn with yourself. Peace is the main product of the process. Plus, you get more time to focus on your priority check list like I do. I get more time and space for my things like writing, reading or other tasks. It germinates some extra happiness. And more you are happy, more you are productive. Therefore, it is always wise to produce healthy, positive and improved ways of seeing/analyzing things around.

You may already have an improved perspective but seeing from the other side of the mirror does not hurt. Standing on the front only shows what you normally fail to see. You can see only yourself but on the other side, you will find much more to explore. Much more to think about.

This is all I have to say for today.

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