Friday, 1 August 2014

"What blogging is all about?"

Recently when I was in New Delhi attending two events organized by UNICEF, I got to meet two beautiful journalists from Bhopal. Those girls were fun to talk with and I spent reasonably a good time with them over coming back to the hotel and later on, at dinner.

During dinner, I was busy in talking with one. The other one joined us swiftly in the conversation. She asked me,

"What do you do by the way?"

I smiled in reply.

"Well, I am an author, freelancer, poet and a blogger; all in one" I finally said.

Needless to say, they were astounded to hear this. One of them has her own blog. Thus, both of us naturally trailed on to discuss about blogging and its several aspects. The other girl grew curious and asked me.

"What blogging is all about actually? You blog because you have to write?"

I: "No. It is actually the other way. I want to express myself, that is why I blog. Blogging is not something you have to do forcefully because if you do so, you will never be able to justify it. When you feel like you want to write about something, when you feel it's coming naturally to you, then only you should proceed to make up for a blog or else, do not force yourself lest you will regret later" and then I explained my blog journey like how it started and how I gradually learnt the ropes.

She looked satisfied. But I probed her further,

"Do you have a blog?"

She: "No. But I am thinking to start one"

I: "That's great. I use Blogspot and it's a great portal for the ones who want their own space. If you feel like writing something, sure start a blog."

The other journalist who also owns a blog was glad to share her experience in exchange. All in all, it was a good company to spend time with. I will cherish those little yet wonderful memories. I hope best for both of them.

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