Friday, 29 August 2014

Timeless moments spent with mummy and sister in Bangalore

Last two weeks were undeniably memorable and packed with chronicles of lovely memories. My sister and mother came to visit us. What made their visit more special was that they were coming to our new home for the first time. We all were excited. When they reached here at night, it felt like the entire house was set on laughter rides. I had made special dinner for them. Mummy loves having tea. So I made tea for all of us probably at 9 at night. It was crazy to have tea at such odd hour but who cares? It was fun. We were sitting together as family and were talking, laughing, teasing each other like little children. Mummy and my little sister loved the house. We were glad.

While their stay would last for around two weeks, we had planned to take them to Ooty-Cunnoor. Ooty is world famous for its beautiful serene picturesque natural beauty. It is also very cold in there at this time. We decided to go there by our car. This way we could enjoy the journey which, sometimes, happens to be more enjoyable than the journey itself. See the snapshots to believe me.

Mummy and me @ CCD on the way

Me and my sister decided to pose ;)

South beauty...

When we reached in early evening, we were very tired because of the long journey. Lunch time was over. So we settled for snacks. It was seriously very cold there. We chatted for sometime and then we all took some rest in our respective cottage apartments.

Next day, we roamed around Ooty that covered Ooty lake, Thread garden, a little wax museum etc. Ooty is not a big place with major attractions. In fact, its weather itself is a big attraction that hungrily allures tonnes of tourists every year. The weather was indeed very lovely. It was chilly and sunny both. Here are some pics of the day.

Thread Garden is called so because every flower and leaf displayed is made my thread. It was surprising to see the acute fine work which, in realty, is done by handicapped girls. It took them 12 years to complete such garden. It was marvelous and incredible to not to believe them as real flowers. I salute such hard working girls for their highly commendable job.

Near the lake, there were some fun things to do. I loved one called Dashing Cars and hit my son and hubby a lot with mine.

After covering these things, we took off to Cunnoor. We took the toy train so that we could enjoy the journey...again. There were loads of natural beauty generously sprinkled here and there. Houses lived among the abundance of greenery, very much unlikely and highly contradictory to urban cities. Have a look at one such pic.

Cunnoor is also a very small place. We covered few spots like Sleeping lady, Lamb's rock, Dolphin's nose, and Sim's park. There was again a lot of nature in sight. We loved every bit of it.

The same day we returned to Ooty. Next day we had to leave the place. It was altogether a fun trip. I and my sister talk a lot. We all threw jokes, and enjoyed everything that came our way. My mother fell in love with the weather. She loves cold weather and Ooty seemed to love my mother back as well.

Counting the third day after we hit Bangalore, my mother and sister had to leave. I was so sad with it but was not expressing much thinking about my alone father back at home. They were sad too. They didn't want to go either but we all had to stop behaving like selfish people and start behaving like mature caring ones.

The morning I and Sumit went to drop them to the airport, a very interesting moment happened. We spotted the Bollywood star, Abhishek Bachchan entering inside. We could not believe it first but after staring at him hard and asking to a security officer, we came to know it was indeed Abhishek Bachchan. We chirped in delight for having to see an actor. Sad emotions were literally side kicked for sometime. Yes. It was crazy I know,

When we returned to our home, it looked so dull. The entire place was highly disorganized but that was not bothering me. It had been two days since my mother and sister have left and I am still sad. I am not feeling good without them. I smile very less. Husband tries his best to make me but unfortunately he fails. I also feel bad for letting him down but I can't help it. Now the house is completely arranged after a lot of efforts yet it is not looking  good to me. They are not here. The liveliness is gone with them. The ambiance of fun, sharing things and warmth is also lost somewhere. I feel alone. Do not want to go out.

Wait a minute! If I keep writing like this, the post will become longer and longer every second. So I must stop in order to move on. Hope you would have enjoyed seeing the pictures and details.

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