Sunday, 31 August 2014

That little piece of time

Now the day has changed and it has become Sunday but the moment I want to share here belongs to just 5 hours ago i.e. on Saturday. So I will say 'Today' instead of 'Last evening'. Why? Because it suits more to what I have to say and sounds better.

So the thing goes like this. Today evening I was having headache after working for long hours. When Sumit woke up after a good long noon nap, he asked me for a cup of tea. Not me to make it but he was willing to do it instead. So sweet, I know. I nodded and he darted to the kitchen to brew two cups of hot tea. As he poured it in two mugs, I arranged some light snacks with it. And while I was busy in doing this, in the meanwhile he set out to the balcony for a little surprise. When I was done setting up the plate, he pointed towards the balcony and I obviously looked there. There I found two chairs and one table in between waiting for us. It was dark; wind was blowing with a sweet speed and there were no mosquitoes in our favor...thankfully. Altogether it was a nice charming gesture and I smiled. I have always loved having my evening teas/coffees on terrace or balcony.

As we sat together and sipped our teas, we talked on many things. Initially I had thought to get my cell phone with me nevertheless I rejected the idea. 'Let the technology take its rest too' a sublime thought helped me to make a wise choice. Our cell phones laid far from us and probably that was why we managed to steal a very good dose of chatting. After a long time, I guess, we managed to sit like this otherwise since last 3-4 months, we have been busy like lunatics in getting our house done and then settling it down. I was feeling very ethereal; like there was some beauty in the moment. We chatted on several things, endless topics and laughed heartily. Many important things stayed the focal points of our conversation. We loved it. I loved it. It was very wonderful to sit together and chat like this. I am really very glad that he took care of me by making tea and doing the balcony set up. I admire and acknowledge it from my heart.

Value that little piece of time

It may not sound a big deal to you but if you ponder the bottom line, you will realize the most important thing a husband and wife were having together. And it was - A conversation. Two people were communicating their things to each other with utmost honesty and thoughtfulness. In past many years, I have seen people come together because of a good quotient of communication and some drifting apart because of the missing bag of communication. 

It sounds strange. But trust me. It is not. 

Words have great powers. They have ubiquitous silent force of making and breaking. They work like a magic. I am an author and a writer. I understand the power of words much better than many other people. I say this not to boast about me but I say this because I have felt it and involuntarily glad to feel it through out my life.

The purpose I wrote this post and share my one intimate moment of life with my readers is - 

That we need to talk. We need to make tea and sit together with our beloved life partners and discuss as much and as often as we can. We need to stay out of technology for a bit and live life the fullest in that little piece of time. After all, who knows whether we would find that piece again. Who knows whether we would be able to make our lives whole without that little bit.

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