Sunday, 31 August 2014

That little piece of time

Now the day has changed and it has become Sunday but the moment I want to share here belongs to just 5 hours ago i.e. on Saturday. So I will say 'Today' instead of 'Last evening'. Why? Because it suits more to what I have to say and sounds better.

So the thing goes like this. Today evening I was having headache after working for long hours. When Sumit woke up after a good long noon nap, he asked me for a cup of tea. Not me to make it but he was willing to do it instead. So sweet, I know. I nodded and he darted to the kitchen to brew two cups of hot tea. As he poured it in two mugs, I arranged some light snacks with it. And while I was busy in doing this, in the meanwhile he set out to the balcony for a little surprise. When I was done setting up the plate, he pointed towards the balcony and I obviously looked there. There I found two chairs and one table in between waiting for us. It was dark; wind was blowing with a sweet speed and there were no mosquitoes in our favor...thankfully. Altogether it was a nice charming gesture and I smiled. I have always loved having my evening teas/coffees on terrace or balcony.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Timeless moments spent with mummy and sister in Bangalore

Last two weeks were undeniably memorable and packed with chronicles of lovely memories. My sister and mother came to visit us. What made their visit more special was that they were coming to our new home for the first time. We all were excited. When they reached here at night, it felt like the entire house was set on laughter rides. I had made special dinner for them. Mummy loves having tea. So I made tea for all of us probably at 9 at night. It was crazy to have tea at such odd hour but who cares? It was fun. We were sitting together as family and were talking, laughing, teasing each other like little children. Mummy and my little sister loved the house. We were glad.

While their stay would last for around two weeks, we had planned to take them to Ooty-Cunnoor. Ooty is world famous for its beautiful serene picturesque natural beauty. It is also very cold in there at this time. We decided to go there by our car. This way we could enjoy the journey which, sometimes, happens to be more enjoyable than the journey itself. See the snapshots to believe me.

Mummy and me @ CCD on the way

Me and my sister decided to pose ;)

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Moment

Eyes sparkle,
Night shines,
Lips smile- 
and coos divine.

Looking at just nothing,
Makes sense of many things;
Cry, joy, shouts,
Dollops of emotions pop out.

The Moment is blessed,
It is the best;
Living wired with inner-self,
With creeping fleeting desires in check.

Breathing moments,
Understanding cravings;
Looking something to revel,
I make way to my own self.

Being flawed is the way to perfection

Few days back I was standing in my balcony gazing lovingly at the natural serene beauty of the city when a thought flashed across my mind amidst others - In order to be perfect, we have to have flaws. In other words, being flawed is the way to perfection.

And it made so much sense to me. I allowed my mind to take over the thought and surprisingly there was more to explore 'bout it. We all crave for perfection and in order to procure it, we try, make mistakes, we again try and we again commit mistakes. The same cycle keeps repeating itself unless we find the flawless face of our desire. We work very hard on being perfect. We sincerely think about how it feels to be a perfect personality but do we ever stumble upon the thought that unless we accept and chisel our mistakes, we could never be perfect? That perfection is nothing but merely a triumphant reflection of fabricated flaws and umpteen series of trials and errors? No. We hardly do that, I guess. One can say that flaws are a part of being perfect at something.

If we are flawed, then only we can proceed to be perfect. perfect.


By the way, it feels great to be back here. I shifted into my new house lately and was supremely busy in settling down for the next one week. Then I got huddled into something personal and urgent. I could not make time for anything except to sort out things in priority check list. Could not update my pages; could not blog; could not tweet; missed several things and literally lived in jiffy. In short, I was almost disconnected from this virtual world called internet. So I apologize for it.

Now I am all settled and glee seeing my new home with every corner. Simultaneously enjoying my mother's and sister's stay in here. Talking a lot, eating a lot and staying awake a lot. Running sort of sleep deprivation but it's all worth. It's totally worth. Feeling blessed to live in such bliss.

Hope to be able to write more soon!!! Stay flawed and stay perfect. :)

Friday, 1 August 2014

"What blogging is all about?"

Recently when I was in New Delhi attending two events organized by UNICEF, I got to meet two beautiful journalists from Bhopal. Those girls were fun to talk with and I spent reasonably a good time with them over coming back to the hotel and later on, at dinner.

During dinner, I was busy in talking with one. The other one joined us swiftly in the conversation. She asked me,

"What do you do by the way?"

I smiled in reply.

"Well, I am an author, freelancer, poet and a blogger; all in one" I finally said.

Needless to say, they were astounded to hear this. One of them has her own blog. Thus, both of us naturally trailed on to discuss about blogging and its several aspects. The other girl grew curious and asked me.

"What blogging is all about actually? You blog because you have to write?"

I: "No. It is actually the other way. I want to express myself, that is why I blog. Blogging is not something you have to do forcefully because if you do so, you will never be able to justify it. When you feel like you want to write about something, when you feel it's coming naturally to you, then only you should proceed to make up for a blog or else, do not force yourself lest you will regret later" and then I explained my blog journey like how it started and how I gradually learnt the ropes.

She looked satisfied. But I probed her further,

"Do you have a blog?"

She: "No. But I am thinking to start one"

I: "That's great. I use Blogspot and it's a great portal for the ones who want their own space. If you feel like writing something, sure start a blog."

The other journalist who also owns a blog was glad to share her experience in exchange. All in all, it was a good company to spend time with. I will cherish those little yet wonderful memories. I hope best for both of them.