Thursday, 31 July 2014

"You should know. You built a family"

"It must be satisfying to be able to build something."

"You should know. You built a family," he said when she glanced back at him.

"That's a nice thing to say" she said.

My feelings totally goes with her. Having a family and building one are like chalk and cheese; completely different jobs. This evening I had rather a very interesting time with my family; another memorable set of moments. Today I am bit down by health. Reason to reckon? Having swelled face topped with rashes infused rough cheeks which have made me slow down. Frankly speaking, I am resembling a dreadful nightmare coming unabashedly true to life. Don't know the allergic source. Went to doctor and done with the consultation. Medication is on.

So I was on today's interesting evening. As I felt weak and bit dizzy, I propped down on bed having intention to catch up on some catnap but alas! The novel I am reading currently hogged my attention and I decided to catch up on it instead of some rest. Hubby scolded a little but I ignored. Reading is fascinatingly a bliss, only a true reader (like me ;)) can bet on that. I started from the page I left this evening when my son jolted down the bed, sitting next to me and asking what to do next. Because of my poor health, I could not afford to put forward enough efforts to give him some good time today (today was his holiday for him). So I was already riding with a guilt trip. To pat it wisely, I suggested him to read something also.

Any book would do, I said. He fished out two super heroes books from The Home Library (As I prefer to call my library). He came in and I then suggested him to draw some pictures out of them. This would offer him some creative time I thought and exactly the same happened. He went on making a Spider man picture. His trials were laudable. As he was busy in sketching, I was busy with my novel, sketching the scenes inside head plus...simultaneously smoothing out the guilt spikes that were harsh on me earlier.

Hubby was out for some urgent work during the most noon hours. He headed to shower and then I decided to volunteer for some delicious snacks for the evening. Finishing the page I was reading with God-speed, I headed to the kitchen. Fed the cooker with 2 different flavored packets of popcorns; one was Classic salted and the other was Golden Sizzle. I like mixing things and experimenting with them (Sometimes. Do not consider me some wonderful chef on board). Then I decided to finish up the remaining packet of fries. As we are shifting to our house this weekend, frozen items must be done with by that time. Hubby took time to shower. He had to shave, then wash the cloths I had soaked in during the day (What? He is also a part of house :P) and then took the shower. It was after he got out, I put the cauldron on gas with high flame. Slid down the fries when oil was piping hot. When it was done, I added only a pinch of salt but more seasonings. I love having seasonings mixed in some snacks or meals. It is healthier and a tastier option, you see.

Then I made some coffee for us. Whipped out Mango juice for the kid. We all set down and had the evening batch of snacks that came in total as - A bowl of popcorn, delicious fries embracing mixed herbs, coffee and juice. It was good to eat together. When we were nibbling, the three liners from the book hit my head that I have mentioned in the start of this post. I felt...nice and steady. Weaker health was ignored for this entire cooking time. I was happy seeing hubby and kid enjoying lip smacking snacks.

Yes. It is nice to have a family and then to build it around.

No matter the efforts I have to put, no matter the energy I have to feed it, no matter the time I have to struggle to find for myself, and no matter where I am. It is just simply, unimaginably and out-of-the-worldly nice.

This was today's story from the house on the rocks. What's cooking in yours? :)

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