Tuesday, 22 July 2014

What's wrong with you, Bangalore?

22 years old woman raped inhumanely in Frazer town! 

A 6 year innocent girl raped by two of the school gym instructors during her school hours!

What's wrong with you, Bangalore? What is happening with your ever so beautiful serene and secure haven? Culprits are turning you down; they are gradually making you a horror place to live in. Save yourself! Please! I beg. WE beg.

Protests have been raised. People have slammed shut their house doors behind them to speak on the issue. Parents are going crazy thinking 'how much my kid is safe outdoors/at schools?' Being a parent myself, I am also worried. I am also stressed over the issue. When the 6 yr. old girl complained of back ache and burning sensation during urination, her mother could not understand the issue first. When a stranger called from the school inquiring about why she was not coming, the mother instantly got curious. Then one day, girl asked to her,

"Mumma! Papa is a good man. Right?"

This was the moment that took the mother off guard. First a call from the stranger and then this statement, the mother went to school and tried to quench the maddening questions silently jabbing her heart. Digging more inside the matter, the spine chilling truth finally emerged at the surface. The main culprit, Mustafa, is alleged to keep number of child porn videos and several offensive videos on his laptop.

As for the 22 yr. old woman, she was abducted with her boyfriend in a car. Later the boy was dumped after getting robbed off his watch and some cash. Then the culprits led to assault the girl sexually. This left her scarred; physically as well as mentally.

Horrible! Aren't they?

Sometimes, my husband talks about changing job and moving to Delhi. My head perpetually dangles in a rigid refusal. I don't want to go Delhi, however, it will bring me much more closer to my native. Yet I deny. Delhi has proven itself worse than hell for girls and women. Almost everyday, TV screens break into weirder, stranger and more horrible cases of crimes against women. Even if my husband gets a good package, I would never step out of Bangalore because it is considerably safer.

Or, so I used to think.

Things have changed. City is changing its face rapidly into a strange never-seen-before visage and the criminals responsible for it should be punished hard; so much so that no one could ever think of touching a girl again. For Mustafa (culprit in 6 yr. old rape), anti-goonda act might be evoked and it is so justified. Bangalore! You are becoming unsafe as days are passing by. Now tell me, where else to go?

Through my blog, I am raising my voice. When are you going to do so?


In today's paper, the Bangalore police has discovered Mustafa (the Skating instructor) is innocent in 6 years old rape case. It is two gym instructors who committed the rape. Also, the case happened on July 3 not on July 2 as stated earlier. I am glad that innocent has seen exit out of the case yet...crime has happened and strict actions must be taken against this.

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