Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Sharing is good

This evening when I picked up my son from school, he said something nice on the way back home but before I proceed, let me fill some details in here. It takes my kid estimated one hour by bus to reach to his school and another to get back home. The place where we live in currently is quite far but as soon as we shift into our new house, the bus will feed on relatively lesser travel time to the school. Because of spending an hour long tick tock till he gets back home, hunger drives him nuts. So everyday I give my kid a carton of juice so that he can drink in the bus while waiting to get back home.

Today as soon as he hopped inside the car, he blurted out.

"Mumma! One of my friends did not bring lunch today; only snacks. He was hungry and thus, was not feeling well. I gave up on my Frooti for him"

 I immediately asked out of concern, "Then what did you have on the way?"

"I just let him drink half because he was not well. He felt better with half carton of Frooti. Rest half I had". I appreciated his kind gesture and said he did a good job helping his friend.

I smiled as I turned my car left from the signal. I was glad to hear that my son knows sharing; that he cares for others. He also felt good when his friend felt better. This evening, he gave me a victorious mother smile.

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