Thursday, 3 July 2014

Potpourri of June

I am writing this post live from my kitchen. With hubby and kid sleeping at this hour, I have woken up early and making a healthy light breakfast for them. It is taking time to cook. Thus, I thought to express something over my blog. It is calming to write and share things.

Past few weeks have bygone with verity of flavors. Sumit's big brother and his family visited us for few days. It was a good family experience. We laughed, we chatted and visited some places within the perimeter of the city. Bhaiya (Sumit's brother) has two kids with whom Ashmit enjoyed a lot. Trio had been successful in giving us some free time to enjoy ourselves. Kids played, enjoyed and shared lot of things. Sharing is one thing that every parent want for their kid/s. Ashmit shared his toys and books with them which was pleasant to see. Around other kids, he becomes possessive of his articles but sometimes, he let his inhibitions go easily. We all visited HAL museum, planetarium and ISKCON temple. Bhaiya and his family's visit was good. We enjoyed and loved their presence. Below are some snapshots during their visit.

In HAL Bangalore

Love this one

ISKCON Bangalore

 One more good news to share. My father has become the President of Rotary club. It is such a wonderful news. We all are excited and so much proud of him. He works attentively for social causes and has been delivered some outstanding performances. Because of his dedication and urge to work for good, the club has crowned him with such prestigious post. Now I am helping him with his Presidential Installation Speech. It is always fun to work with my father. Whenever he needs something to work on and a write up, he turns to me. It gives me immense pleasure. We work together, put together our inputs and then come up with the best face of the outcome. I dearly wish him All The Best. May he reach to the new heights of success.

In the middle of this, my husband and kid both are down with fever since yesterday. I am worried about them. Took them to the doctor but I have to take follow up today. Kid missed his school and husband is on leave. We all are together but it'd have been so nice to be with each other with the best of our health. Anyways, I hope for them to recuperate soon. It is painful to see them like this.

Among all of this, it is challenging to procure time to write my story yet I do my best. I am working really hard on it. I even work on weekends and late nights. It is not easy to write a good story you see. I hope people will like it as much as they loved It's Never Too Late.

Time to say good bye friends. Wish you a good day and the best of your health :)

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