Friday, 4 July 2014

Is it really a big deal for Maria, Sachin

According to the recent buzz, Maria Sharapova, the famous tennis player, is being victimized for not knowing the legendary cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar. Before I put forward my views on this, let me present an anecdote from my life happened few years ago.

I was at my native. One morning, I and my brother were watching news. Cricket world cup was about to happen. From the organizing country, media was asking people their views on the same. Many of them refused to have knowledge of any such world cup happening in their country. I wondered. How come they don't know about the match happening in their own country? I turned to my brother expressing the sudden amazement. He simply asked back. 'Do you know Football world cup is also about to happen in India?' I said, 'No' and with this, I had the answer of my amazement. Brother entailed further. 'You don't know about the upcoming Football world cup because you are not the follower of the game. These people are also like you. They do not follow cricket as we do'.

Exactly. If Maria Sharapova does not follow cricket, what's her fault in not knowing a legend across the globe? She belongs to Russia; a country deprived of the sport, Cricket. Majority of people there do not follow the sport. Then why Maria is being ridiculed for being unaware about a legend? She herself is a legend in Tennis yet millions of people might be unaware about her name. Does this turn them into a laughing matter? Maria is adorable when it comes to her sport. She is beautiful, sexy and an amazing player. She is considered as Tennis queen and has bagged grand slam championships. We should keep these in mind rather than her innocent unawareness about some other famous player. Know more about her life and journey on Maria Sharapova.

Stop ridiculing her!

Indians must stop charging their questions and rude comments at her. They should understand and respect other's point of view. As someone has said - Think twice before you speak. But do you know who said it? No? Me neither. Now should we laugh at each other?

Thing to ponder about.


  1. This whole thing is so much over-hyped by Sachin's pusedo-fans. You presented it very well. It's definitely us.

    1. I agree that the matter is is overtly hyped but not because Sachin has pseudo fans. He has real fans who love him till the limit of blindness. Still they should respect others.


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