Thursday, 3 July 2014

Facts and myths about illness

As the clock strikes the universal time, I have settled for a post. Running on foot for the entire day has left me with a modicum of some 'Me' time. As I stated in my previous post, my husband and kid both are down with fever. While hubby is feeling better today, kid is still struggling with high temperature, sore throat, weakness and bad mouth taste. All in all, it is really heart wrenching to see both of them in such state. I wish for them to get well soon as soon as possible.

But have you ever noticed this one? That you can't help yourself but to come across some new strange facts or better say, myths during ailments like fever? Yesterday my mother told me to not feed them potato because its essence is hot. This morning, my mother-in-law was saying gourd has cold essence. According to both of them, some vegetables are harmful in illness and better not to feed the patients. Being a curious (and little stubborn on my part until I get the logic behind), I decided to ask these to the doctor we went today for the follow up. He said the husband and kid both could eat any vegetable. There is no harm in it. Huff! Relaxing to know this. Isn't it? Based on today's discoveries and prior experiences, I have listed out some myths about mild/high temperature or fever that tend to occupy people with its deep intensity. Let's find them out.

Do not consume fruits/fruits juices

I believe this one makes up for the biggest myth. People who believe in the notion say fruits/fruit juices chill the body. Thus, hinders the recuperation from the illness like high temperature.

Busted - Wrong notion. At room temperature, fruits/fruit juices, as we all know, are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, fibers and several beneficial elements that help in creating stronger immunity system. They help in fighting with numerous body issues like weakness and bad digestive system. They also help by draining out toxins out of the body system. So next time if you want to recover fast, do consume fresh fruits/juices. If you have some problem using any of them, consult the doctor first.

No milk intake at all

Busted - If you are weak because of physical illness or have allergy with lactose, then only stay away from liquids like milk. When digestive system itself is struggling to cope up with the bad health, settling down of milk can cause discomfort. Once the temperature is down and you feel better, you can start with small dose of milk.

Do not drink normal water

In fever, the patient anyway stays away from every thing such as food and water. This happens because of the foul mouth taste. Many people give patients lukewarm water to drink thinking it will help to cut down fever.

Busted - My kid is having bit of sore throat but I am stuck to the normal water. Normal water actually maintains the temperature of the inside body. Lukewarm water will heat up the body and might help in increasing the temperature. Cold water is also not advised either. Give normal water and as much as you can to the patient. Water is a wonderful friend of the body that takes harmful substances/toxins out.

Fevers are bad

Busted - Occasional fever, in bold letters, is actually good for health. It helps body to fight against the infection and thus, boosts up the immunity system. We secretly become stronger after fever. So we can say fever is our body's one of the protective mechanisms. But if the condition persists for longer or frequently, it is wise to see the doctor.

DO NOT sit under the running fan

Despite of giving my kid the medicine after his meager dinner, his temperature refused to come down. We waited and when it seemed the situation was not going to do me a favor, I gently said my husband that I am letting him sit under the running fan for a while. He refused by saying running air will harm him more and deteriorate the health. I shook my head but thought to ask the doctor and this is what he had to say -

Busted - 'Yes! he can sit under the running fan for a while'. See. Where we think running air can do more harm to the feverish body, it actually helps out to lower the temperature. My kid is now sleeping beside me peacefully...under the running fan with mild speed. When the body is hot and the surroundings are also warm/hot, it is important to cool it down. Normal atmosphere contributes in improving the feverish body.

No bathing

Busted - I gave my kid bath today and he felt better. Bathing drains out the dirt of the body and lightens it up. The patient feels fresh. Feeling better inside helps the patient to fight with the disease. You can check with the doctor if the temperature is too high or you are simply not convinced yet!

Take rest 24x7

Resting plays a vital role in recovering from the illness. Body ache, weakness, bad temper, dizziness; everything requires a still body. But is it wise to rest all the time?

Busted - Unless the situation is really bad, stroll a little. Have some fresh air. Walking will help the muscles to adjust to their respective positions. It will promote better blood circulation in the body which is quintessential to avoid body aches. Occasional two minute or five minute walk is enough.

High temperature causes brain damage

Busted - No. If fever is viral or caused by some infection, it will certainly not damage the brain. Body temperature up to or higher than 108 degree F (42 degree Celsius) can cause brain damage. If the patient is reaching up to this temperature, first check the environment whether he or she is living in an enclosed area for a long time. Provide fresh environment and if this also not help, reach the doctor immediately.

For more myths and facts, check this link. Medicine free advice - Talk with the patient in positive words. Instead of saying 'How have you got this disease?' or 'It's bad for you', say 'You are strong. You will be out of this mess soon' or try this 'I know you are brave. These things happen. You will be fine very soon'. Positive words uplift the patient's mood. It seeps in the strength needed to fight against the illness.

What our elders say to follow during the illness is important to listen but try to find logic and reason behind them. It does not do harm but leads you to firmer and better knowledge about the illness. When we were little, elders fed us with their best knowledge and now when the time has changed, diseases have turned stronger and facts have new facets, it is important to convey facts to the elders. Let them be aware of new age facts for their own betterment.

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