Monday, 7 July 2014

Be busy, if you desire to bring change

Recently I was talking to my father over the phone. He has been elected as Rotary President and is supposed to deliver an installation speech for the ceremony very soon. I am helping him in writing the same.

So regarding this, we were in a deep meaningful conversation few nights ago. When I talked about how people easily make excuses by saying they don't have time for doing this or that, he said some lines enough to tickle my senses.

People who want to bring change have to be busy. Those who are free can not do anything. If you look up to famous people, they don't have time. They are always doing something. They are on the run 24x7. Expressions like 'I don't have time to do this and that' simply does not exist in their dictionaries. If you are busy, it means you are busy in doing something; that your mind does not have the slightest chance of turning into a devil's workshop. On the contrary, if you are free all the time, that expounds on you don't do anything and yet if you keep on complaining and excusing, it means you can not bring the change. Thus, be busy, if you desire to bring change.

Wonderful lines. Isn't it? I loved his words and naturally happen to comply with all of it. I too believe if you truly want to contribute something, you have to stop making excuses and start acting nevertheless I had my cherry pick among his talk.

Be busy, if you desire to bring change.

What do you think about it? And if your thoughts happen to coincide with us, think about the next question - What are we busy about?

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