Thursday, 12 June 2014

When anti-virus erased everything on her mobile!! :P

Recently my mother had to format her mobile. Unfortunate I know. She is fairly active on Whatsapp, Viber etc. sort of services. Thus, she was quite disturbed as every data, photo, video, message etc. is gone. It all happened because of a virus attacked on the system. Yesterday eve, we both got to talking on the subject.

I: But how did it happen mummy?

Mummy: I don't know. Some anti-virus had attacked my mobile and it erased everything!!

She was gloomy and very much sinking at her heart. She even could not sleep for a one whole night. Being an occasional devil myself, I laughed but only at her innocence and just to rectify her.

I: Mummy! Not anti-virus. VIRUS had attacked your mobile. Anti-virus helps to keep viruses at bay. 

Mummy: Whatever!! (Clearly she is still not in the state to acknowledge facts)

I smiled later on thinking how roads of life takes U-turn sometimes. Where parents teach us so many new things, we kids also get privileged to do the same in return. Now we all are forwarding previous messages, pics, videos and all to her.

Moral of the story - Download an Anti-Virus Software on your parents' mobile TODAY to give them peace of mind. 

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