Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Sunday grudge turned into happy timing

Today on the run was Sunday...a favorite to many including me. I find it wonderful spending time with my family on weekends and holidays, away from my hectic writing work. Unfortunately, my husband had to go out for some work. It took him around five good long hours to come back.

When it was three hours since he was gone, I started feeling anger. I grunted when he told me over the phone that it would take more time for him to return. I was waiting for him since long and there he was busy with stuffs. Anyways, I was angry, sad and dull melodramatic songs running inside my head. On the top of that, my kid announced he was hungry. I did not want to do anything nonetheless I went into the kitchen to find out the options. It was post lunch time. After mulling over  a bit, I and my kid settled down for Bhelpuri (a quickie and real time saver). As I started peeling of onions and carrots, I started thinking (I was still in the same stupor).

Why I am so angry? What is the reason? Because Sumit is not here? Yes. The same reason. But why can't I be happy? Sometimes we must be independent in terms of finding happiness. He is busy for obvious reasons and grunting about it would do nothing but spoil my time. I must turn over this sad moment into a happy one. I will sure do it.

Once I was decided, there were no more clouds of sadness showering trickles of anger and disgust. I smiled and happily continued making the snack. In between, I instructed my kid to tidy up the room. He followed like a good boy. I quickly made the snack and then we both sat together with our plates. We watched the movie The Avengers together. It proved to be fun. He kept telling me the story and what-would-happen-next. I have already seen the movie but bit of the initial part was missed. So we both saw and enjoyed the perfect combination of delicious snack and action oriented movie. 

I was happy. I was laughing, smiling and relaxing. I was no more in droopy stature. How easy it is to get angry over trivial of things? If we think straight with positive arena, we surely can turn the aching moment into a beautiful one. If we just change our attitude towards life a bit, we can actually enjoy the surroundings and whatever is going on. 

Only if we change ourselves a little...

Later on I had my tea. I watched FRIENDS. Yes. Right. The same famous popular blah blah series which I dearly adore. I saw one and a half episodes. In short, this Sunday was cool. When my husband came back, I also fed him Bhelpuri (I had already saved some for him). Then I made an Italian dish called Rice Fritters (click on the name to find out the recipe and share your views, if you happen to like it :)) which turned out mouth-watering. I served it to him with tea. He was delighted and loved the snack.

All in all, the day was spent good only because I chose to be happy. Be ready to accept what you have in your hands at the moment. And then see the miracle of happiness working for you. 

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