Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Promise Yourself!

Promise Yourself!
For every will smile twice.
For every will rise higher.
For every will improve to better;
And for every will shine brighter.

Promise Yourself!
For every stabbing pain...*you* will be your sole ointment.
Even if it looks so will find contentment.
For each will revert with a true smile;
And for every will go that extra mile.

Promise Yourself!
For every step will work harder.
For each bad will invent ways to stay happier.
For each will gain yourself;
And for every will rise to become the legend.

Promise Yourself!
For every fight...more love you will spread.
For each will stop to dread.
For each wrong will be keen to learn;
And for each will find peace of mind.

Promise these to yourself and to me!
Live life the way you want it to be.
It is You who can make the difference.
Whether you start Today or stay indifferent.


Hey! Before you leave, i wish you a good day or...night.