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Why do we need occasions like Mother's Day?

Firstly, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in this world. Today is a special day for mothers and after wishing my own, I feel great. Mummy did not know today is her day and she was simply surprised when I wished her. She wished me back and then we chatted for a little more while before we hung up.

But before calling her, something else had happened. I was calling her but she was busy somewhere for incessant 20 minutes talking to someone else. Finally I called my father and informed about it's Mother's Day today. He chuckled and wished me. Then he asked,

"Who has made days like Mother's day, Father's day etc.? Do we really need such occasions?"

I laughed. Comments similar to this often flow my way nonetheless I replied to him.

"No. Actually we really don't need such days but if dedicating one day especially to our loved ones, we can shower some extra pounds of love, affection, care and gifts, there is no harm in celebrating them. For the rest of the days, we hardly say 'I love you' or 'I care for you' but on such special days, we specifically take out sometime and express our warm feelings. That is why we really need such days"

He smiled and agreed. I believe that every day is a good day to share our feelings but how often we do it? And if, by chance, some crazy person has invented these silly occasions, we always and always say 'I love you' and 'Thank you for being there' as first thing after we open our eyes. Then what's wrong in celebrating and heck...branding such days on our calenders?

There is no wrong...these occasions are little but precious excuses. 

Given that every one of us is torn busy, yes! we need such occasions. Given the increased number of old aged home across the globe, yes! we are in urgent need of such occasions. We get some extra smiles, few more hugs, some gifts and a feeling of being special for our family. For me, it is great to celebrate such occasions. If I was at my native this time then I'd be arranging a grand cake, a gift for my mummy and then wishing her with a warm and tight hug. Sadly, I can't do that but thankfully that we have cell phones now. Something is always better than nothing.

At the end, I love you mummy. Thank you for being there and giving me a roof under which I will always remain happy and safe. I will also be there for you...always. 

Today I made special in breakfast and dinner. For the former, I made Chilly Cheese Bun and for the later, it was country's one of the most favorite cuisines, Chhole Bhature. My kid loves both of the dishes and fortunately both of them turned out really delicious and mouth watering. I am glad because a mother's world, after all, is always encircled around her family...happy family.


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