Friday, 9 May 2014

When I looked up from my book...

Yesterday happened a rather unusual thing that scared me for few moments but I quickly gathered myself, feeling helpless at the end.

So the story goes like this. Outside my apartment, there is a tiny porch where almost every evening, I love to sit, have my share of tea, read a book and enjoy the weather. Bangalore is anyway becoming cooler by each passing day (which I dearly love). Yesterday I poured tea in my mug and milk in a glass for my son, placed the drinks outside on a table with some biscuits, took a book and decided to read it with the sips of aromatic tea (as usual). When I started reading, I thought why not to look up from the book and enjoy the pleasant, bit chilling weather? It sounded a great idea to follow in my head. So I closed the book and started sipping my tea. My kid's cycle is chained in the porch itself. When I took the first sip, my eyes went to the cycle. Behind its rear spikes, I saw something moving. I got curious and I looked harder. Then I saw a stray dog sitting quietly there. For a second, I was seated unmoved because I have heard stories from people about getting attacked by stray animals for no reasons. I held my breath for few moments and told my kid to stay inside. The dog's face and the entire neck region was looking strange; something like he was infected. I decided to sit instead of running away. He was not doing anything anyway.

So as I dipped the first biscuit in my tea, I threw another at him despite of knowing the fact that this would look as a bait to him to come at my home over and over again. But I could not eat alone while a hungry dog was sitting right in front of me and stray animals are usually always hungry. I threw few more biscuits at him which he immediately finished. By this time, he had started shaking its tail as any pet dog would do out of affection. Now I was sure he would not attack me. But as I could not take him with me, I took my stuffs and came inside. He was still looking at my moves. I was feeling sympathy towards him. Knowing the fact that he might be infected, I couldn't dare to take him to a veteran all by myself. I kept looking at him time to time until he himself made his way out of the building.

I sighed. I too had spent years with dogs at my native. Therefore I know how beautiful they are; how beautiful any pet can be. There were 2-3 parrots as well. They were yellowish-green, beautiful and naughty. They used to make a lot of noise sometimes. But we loved having dogs and parrots at home. Pets are wonderful. They take very little but give so much. Taking into the account of yesterday evening event, I wished I could help that dog. I wished I could do something for him apart from just throwing biscuits. I wish there would be no stray animals in open who had to stay hungry and get diseases because of living an unhealthy life. I still wish the upcoming government (elections are going on for the PM post) to do something not only for the citizens but also for these helpless homeless animals who can not speak and thus, barely express themselves.

So this way my yesterevening passed. Today I spent my day over the internet browsing several interesting videos and that is why I am feeling drained right now. Badly want to have some tea but sadly, no milk in the house. I can't do anything except sighing away my temptation.

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