Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Love to live positive!

When our house becomes dirty, we clean it. And when our mind station gets polluted, it needs some sweeping job too. So let's talk about dealing with negative thoughts and how we can keep our life free of them.

Negative thoughts send negative vibes by their very name. When we think negative, we can not think good or say, positive. We always keep complaining. We always speak ill of others/everything. When negative thoughts overcome life, it becomes burdening and annoyingly irksome. We hardly like anyone and no one likes us. This is the truth. But now, say bye bye to negativism and say hello to positivism. How? Let's drop in the relevant conversation for its sake.

What you think, you become

In other words, if you think good, you will feel good. You just need to practice it little more. Suppose the weather is cloudy and you happen to dislike it. You go easy on making comments like 'Ergh! I hate this weather' or, 'No rains...please'. Exactly such kind of thinking invites more negative energy from around and you become a bigger sac of negativism.

Instead of thinking negative, think positive. Say, 'Cloudy weather! Hmm! I could enjoy warm cup of tea with some snacks. Let's get some friends over to my place' or, 'I wish the sky would be clear and sunny'. We all know that friends, good friends, entice the arena and make worst the best. So basically what you think, you become at the end. Simply chisel out words like No, Don't, Dislike, Hate, Annoying etc. from the list. Therefore, think positive to live positive.

And follow what the picture says 

Find the source

No one is born positive or negative. Situations make them so. So if you think you are way too negative than you want yourself to be and you are equally keen to change it, find the source behind your negativism. Being unhappy brings out negative vibes. Sometimes living with annoying people swiftly transforms positive energy into negative one. Cluttered house, loss of health or loved one, lack of success, staying isolated or if nothing else, you yourself become the garrison of negativity laced soldiers.

Ultimate solution is to find the source. Spend time with positive people; people who love to stay happy and make others happy. Luckily my husband tries his best to make me smile or laugh when I am angry or sad. When he gets successful and I finally shoot a smile, I myself feel better (and he feels the best :)). Clean your house. Throw away all those stuffs that look unwanted. Pursue hobbies. Make good friends. Eat healthy. Work hard at your work place. And when it comes down to work on your own self, be gentle but strict. Gradually change yourself and see the hard earned magic.


Smiling is infectious and no one is in the position to deny it. When I am sad, I try to smile (it's tough but worth giving shot for). The moment I smile amidst an issue thinking 'I will solve this', at least my heart comes on the surface from the depth of turbulent ocean. I feel better. Being sad makes you feel like a dot and you want to curl like a ball. This position invites negativity. Smile, stretch yourself out and see the difference. Positivity will start hugging you back.

Deal with negative people

Do it sensitively and effectively! People who think negative, spread negativism faster than you can ever think of. Such people live unhappily and for some reasons, they don't like seeing others happy as well. Stay away from them. This is the best savior I can offer you. But if you can't, don't scratch face and mess with your hair. Solutions are always there. We just need to think harder and look for them.

Try to talk to negative people, if you can't ignore them. Be honest about the issue but do not be rude or insensitive. Remember, you have gone to address the issue, not to raise it higher. Talk with patience. Start with formal chat. Gradually come to the point. Be wise while using words to communicate your problem. Instead of saying 'Why do you shout all the time?', say 'It'd be great if you can lower down the volume as I have some health issues/children study/noise gives me headache'. Refrain from using complicated words or sentences. Gentle, simple words can work wondrous and hence, you can stay peacefully and with positive near ones.

Change what you can't accept but accept what you can't change

A rule that will turn tables in your favor. If you are unhappy with something, try to change it in acceptable terms. If you can do so, viola! But if you can do nothing to change it, accept it! Yes! Acceptance works miraculously on the way we think and work. If you are in the same line as things are, you feel no complains/grudge against them. So negativity has no point hanging out with you. It will go straight out of the window to search someone whose head is brewing alike.

Bringing a change is a good thing but accepting things is also a harbinger of positive thinking.

Think different

Thinking different might prove to be the real key sometimes. Every one of us is facing one or the other issue and we often fall for it. Instead of cursing like 'Why does it happen to me?' or, 'I want to run away', try thinking different this time. Let me put forward my point through Robin Sharma, one of the most celebrated and widely read authors. Currently I am reading his book, The leader who had no title. He has said...

'Life has had to break you down so you could be rebuilt better'

Every downfall has an upward direction; every stair that goes down goes up too; every atrocity has a bright side. We just need to see things differently and for this, we need to think differently. Think different. Books will help you the most in this genre of life complexities.


Sometimes no matter how hard we try, we are still stuck with the issue. If you think you are not enough to solve your predicaments, talk to people who can help you solve the issue. Such people may be the parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, relatives, specialists and so on. Talking helps in solving smallest as well as biggest issues. We just need to find the right person. Before you share, first make sure the person with whom you are communicating is the right one to talk about lest you may end up regretting later on and hence, piling up another issue. Personal things are intimate and intimate things must be shared with entrusted people. Talk, solve the matter and live happily.


Another powerful way of solving issue is to, write down. And when a writer/author is saying it, follow it with blind trust. Write down whatever is bothering you. Writing is cathartic. It melts down the mountains of sorrow and troubles. Sometimes when we write, solution automatically emerges out from the picture. When you write, write in details. Detailing will help you scooping out all the minor bugs that are eating you from inside. This way you will feel lighter and will at least open a pavement for staying positive.

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