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Dare to Care by UNICEF, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Recently I received a wonderful opportunity to work for UNICEF for their widely spread well-known project Dare to Care for UNICEF Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The event was on May 16th, 2014. Before I reached there, I thought it'd be wise to find more about the project. As I dug deeper into the matter, I came to know about their humbling and intricate work strategies for adolescent girls in Gujarat.
The project is a joint venture by UNICEF and the current IPL cricket team, Delhi Daredevils and is laid out for adolescent girls (aged between 14-17 years) who belong to the most backward and tribal villages from Gujarat. According to UNICEF, almost 40% of adolescent girls in the 14-17 age group do not attend school, and 22% get married before the legal age of 18 years. An estimated 56% are anemic and hence, highly prone to poor maternal health and not only to their own, but also to their future offspring. UNICEF works very closely and remarkably to spread the awareness but to make it more eff…

Why do we need occasions like Mother's Day?

Firstly, Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in this world. Today is a special day for mothers and after wishing my own, I feel great. Mummy did not know today is her day and she was simply surprised when I wished her. She wished me back and then we chatted for a little more while before we hung up.

But before calling her, something else had happened. I was calling her but she was busy somewhere for incessant 20 minutes talking to someone else. Finally I called my father and informed about it's Mother's Day today. He chuckled and wished me. Then he asked,

"Who has made days like Mother's day, Father's day etc.? Do we really need such occasions?"

I laughed. Comments similar to this often flow my way nonetheless I replied to him.

"No. Actually we really don't need such days but if dedicating one day especially to our loved ones, we can shower some extra pounds of love, affection, care and gifts, there is no harm in celebrating them. For the rest of th…

When I looked up from my book...

Yesterday happened a rather unusual thing that scared me for few moments but I quickly gathered myself, feeling helpless at the end.

So the story goes like this. Outside my apartment, there is a tiny porch where almost every evening, I love to sit, have my share of tea, read a book and enjoy the weather. Bangalore is anyway becoming cooler by each passing day (which I dearly love). Yesterday I poured tea in my mug and milk in a glass for my son, placed the drinks outside on a table with some biscuits, took a book and decided to read it with the sips of aromatic tea (as usual). When I started reading, I thought why not to look up from the book and enjoy the pleasant, bit chilling weather? It sounded a great idea to follow in my head. So I closed the book and started sipping my tea. My kid's cycle is chained in the porch itself. When I took the first sip, my eyes went to the cycle. Behind its rear spikes, I saw something moving. I got curious and I looked harder. Then I saw a stray…

Love to live positive!

When our house becomes dirty, we clean it. And when our mind station gets polluted, it needs some sweeping job too. So let's talk about dealing with negative thoughts and how we can keep our life free of them.

Negative thoughts send negative vibes by their very name. When we think negative, we can not think good or say, positive. We always keep complaining. We always speak ill of others/everything. When negative thoughts overcome life, it becomes burdening and annoyingly irksome. We hardly like anyone and no one likes us. This is the truth. But now, say bye bye to negativism and say hello to positivism. How? Let's drop in the relevant conversation for its sake.

What you think, you become In other words, if you think good, you will feel good. You just need to practice it little more. Suppose the weather is cloudy and you happen to dislike it. You go easy on making comments like 'Ergh! I hate this weather' or, 'No rains...please'. Exactly such kind of thinking in…

Bits of life

So...I am back in Bangalore from my native home visit and now gradually catching up with my writer self. It has indeed been long since I have written something on my blog but you know's never too late to start afresh. Therefore, allow me a fresh beginning.

Talking about my home visit, it wasn't normal like every last year. My tau ji (uncle) has got operated for mouth cancer recently and now he is being taking up rounds of radio therapy alias radiations. I love and respect my tau ji a lot and that was the prominent reason to move my lazy bones and flew over to my home. Being there with him felt me wonderful but seeing his little distorted face made me sad (distortion is because of the operation). Every day I wish best for him. I want him to get well very very soon. My tai ji or his wife (aunt) is no more. She expired few years ago. Surviving such painful stage without your life partner is terrible. I have seen it on my tau ji's face. He is disbelievingly patient …