Thursday, 3 April 2014

In IISc a part of Literature Festival

Last Sunday, I was invited as a part of a panel discussion at a college that is not only a precious jewel of Bangalore but whole India as well. I am talking about Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore (IISc). There was a 3 day Literature Festival going on in the college (March 28th - March 30th) named as Spectrum (beautiful name, I will say). Amidst several activities, I also got an invitation as one of the guest panelists. The topic was, E book : A threat to print culture.

The moment I heard about the chosen topic, I found it thought-provoking. E books are getting popularized with each passing day and we are in no condition to deny this fact. Along with me were invited, Mr. K. Hari Kumar (author) and Mr. M. Vishwamitr (the film director). Altogether we three panelists discussed on the panel and it turned out to be good platform with active participation of the audience. Here are some pictures of the event -

Right before the discussion

During the discussion
Personally I think, it will take may be around more than two decades for e-books to get infused in our lives as naturally as traditional books. I prefer reading printed books and do not find it comfortable staring at the screen for a long time just for reading a book. Printed books give me the heavenly smell and thus, I own a library at home. With e-books, portability and light weight are the biggest advantages. One can carry thousands of book on the go while adding merely few grams of weight to the luggage. With printed book, it is hard to carry thick books unless you are having big and extra space.

Basically, there are pros and cons to everything and without conflicting, we should accept both. At the end, my POV (point of view) is that printed books and e-books should stay as allies rather than competitors as they are supporting and coming from the same sources viz. authors and the publishers. Printed culture will never vanish and it will take centuries for e-books to become a traditional way of reading.

Gave away awards the winners of different fest activities

My book, It's Never Too Late, was also given as prize to the winners of an activity. It was great to present my book.

Receiving memento

And here the event got featured in The Hindu newspaper, Bangalore. I am glad to see it :)

After the event, we all three panelists, my family and few other students of IISc sat together. We spent great time with chatting, laughing and sharing our things over tea and snacks. Unfortunately, I forgot to capture those lovely cozy moments. All in all, it was a wonderful experience at IISc, I got to meet wonderful authors, a film director and several other warm students who were the most helpful throughout the event.

I sincerely thank them all for making me part of such a beautiful literature festival. Also, a reservoir of gratitude to my publisher for helping me out with this. I will cherish the event forever.

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