Friday, 14 March 2014

Wonderful Women's Day/Week

Last week fell Women's Day and I got busy in several activities. My book, It's Never Too Late, is a woman-centric creation and as it talks about one of the major woman issues and that is...crimes against women, Women's Day proved to be a perfect occasion for me to talk about it.

Here I am listing all those activities that I got to do. First was a Talk at Biocon. The organization is owned by Ms. Kiran Majumdar Shaw (who happens to be in Top 100 most influential business leaders in India). It was an honor meeting her and listening to her motivational speech on Credibility and Self-belief. I had prepared a presentation on Contributing Factors on Crimes against Women and below is the collage of some shots. The ppt I had prepared was thoroughly acknowledged and well appraised. It was a really nice experience speaking at Biocon.

March 7th

The same day (March 7th), I had to give out an interview for Kolkata's one radio channel, Friends. There was also one Twitter chat organized for me in the afternoon. The entire day was scheduled in such a way that I hardly had time to breathe. I was constantly switching from this schedule to the other one. This all was making me appear like a crazy person but I was truly enjoying all of it. Being busy is my scene. Sitting idle..uhh...not my cup of tea somehow.

Then the same night we had to leave for Hyderabad for some book signing sessions. We reached there in the next morning (March 8th). Here are few more collages for a quick glance. Hope you will like it.

The same night we left and reached back to Bangalore next morning (March 9th). You can see and easily guess how much I was on constant run for these events. When reaching back in the city on Sunday, there was one more event at another bookstore, Atta Galatta. Check out the shots below.

At Atta Galatta, Bangalore

The session went really well. People asked me some nice questions about the publishing industry, my journey towards my book, marketing strategies and what not. It was good to speak about it all.

Finally at night, after two days of constant run, I got some time to relax. But next day in the afternoon, I fell sick. The 3 days/4 night hectic schedule had surreptitiously taken a toll on my health. I was in a very bad shape. Weakness was the major symptom I faced. Now after few days, I feel better but still I feel like getting some rest for few more days. When you are thrown to a hectic schedule out of luxurious comfort, somewhere your body reacts. The same happened with me too. But it's all good now.

Few more activities are lined up and I will keep my blog updated as per the time allows. Till then, ciao. 

I can say that I had a really nice Women's Day this year. I loved it by all means. :)

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